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Fire Forces 80 To Flee From Quarantine Hotel


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At 21.00 on October 6, 2021, Pol.Lt. Col. Thanadet Panyikhitkul Inspector of the Bang Kaeo Police Station, Samut Prakan was informed that a large cloud of smoke emanated from the basement of a well-known hotel located on King Kaew Road, Racha Thewa Subdistrict, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province. After being notified with more than 10 fire trucks, Racha Thewa Subdistrict Administrative Organization and nearby municipalities and the Ruam Kuayyu Foundation traveled to check.

The scene was a large hotel used as a state quarantine for foreign tourists to detain before entering the country. On the ground floor, which is a snooker room. Found a large cloud of black smoke surging out from a large number. While 80 foreigners and Thais who were detained on the upper floors ran to their deaths (bad translation) from the upper floors and stood together on the side of the hotel. The staff of the Ruam Kyuit Foundation, wearing PPE protective clothing, used a polio rope to block it if outsiders approached. Firefighters sprayed sparkling water inside to dissipate the fumes before using the exhaust hoods outside, and firefighters wearing protective clothing to wade in and use water to stop the blaze. It took more than 30 minutes for the fire to calm down. It was found that the scene of the accident was lined with fun tables, but had not been in operation for nearly two years due to the government's lockdown announcement. The investigation revealed that it was slightly damaged and that the inner wall where the power plug was installed was found to be shorted until the plug melted and the nearby power cord. Officers therefore blocked the scene of the accident and waited to coordinate with the probation officer to investigate.

Mr Nuttawut Arunanonchai, the hotel manager, said that before the incident, smoke spewed from a storage room, which was a snooker zone that had been inactive for almost two years. The day the fire erupted So he coordinated with the fire department to check for safety. After the officers had to put out the fire before the police came to check. which initially found that there was a power cord connected to the plug that was likely to cause a shock causing the wires to melt and sparks to ignite nearby wires, thus creating a large amount of smoke. which the authorities have already taken control of And on the upper floor of the hotel, there are both Thais and foreigners waiting to enter the country, about 80 people, all of whom were shocked and ran downstairs for safety. which is now completely safe and prepare all the detainees to return to rest on top as before.

Initially, officials assumed that The cause of the smoke group this time was probably caused by a short circuit. Fortunately, the blaze did not spread widely and firefighters were able to quickly intercept the blaze, causing minimal damage. However, it will coordinate with the scientific staff to investigate the real cause for further legal action.


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