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Sad times for the Têt

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The Têt festival will take place on the next new moon, next Thursday if I am not mistaken. Vietnamese people, more particularly those working in large cities including many ladyboys stop their activity and visit their family to celebrate. This is why January seems to be a good month for mongering in Vietnam. Ladyboys need money to purchase presents, therefore more amateur ladyboys look for guests during the first month of the year. 

Their business has not been good this year though. Ladyboys had almost no foreign customers and Vietnamese guests  refrained from requesting dates in order to respect social distancing rules. Bars have been almost empty too. Just as misfortune never comes one at a time, new cases of covid19 were found in Vietnam last week. Probably less advanced to develop cares and vaccines against the Cov-Sars2, Vietnam seems to have greatly managed to control the pandemic since last year. They announced 0 death during the first wave and 35 during the second one in August. 

These new cases constitute a new threat that a 3rd lock down might be decided by the government. Those who will be able to travel back to their family are likely to stay locked down in their province and those who had planned to travel at the last minute are likely to stay stuck in the city. Sad times for the Têt 2021.

Vietnam reports 5 new COVID-19 cases, 1,981 in total - Xinhua | English.news.cn (xinhuanet.com)

Vietnam registers another 30 domestic Covid-19 cases - VnExpress International

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Tonight (Actually yesterday since it’s already tomorrow in Vietnam), was the 30th of Têt that is the day when Vietnamese people wish a happy New Year. This is equivalent to December 31st evening or January 1st.

As above explained, the celebration was spoilt by a 3rd wave of Covid. Restrictions on travels were decided, mainly an obligation to quarantine for 21 days for some people wishing to go back to their family to celebrate the Têt.


So a few ladyboys couldnot travel and had to stay in the city.




Other ladyboys managed to reach a holiday destination and celebrate the têt in a quiet atmosphere.




But most of those who could reach their family celebrated wisely the têt in a quiet family atmosphere.




This is the time family members exchange presents of all kind. In sociam networks, some ladyboys advertise for products they sell either in their job (ie perfumes or make up) or in a second job (many lottery or loto tickets). A popular present is a surprise bag with either lottery ticket or more. The person who received the gift may find a good amount of money in it. I suspect ladyboys to use the device to launder the money earned in p4p. They proudly show off the bills in social networks as coming from the Chinese bag.






(The above sum is 196 US$)



More sadly, not every ladyboy could spend a budget to offer presents. Those working in p4p only or in restaurant became jobless after locks down or administrative decision to keep their business closed. (Actually a sex worker freelancing in the street could no longer find customers and had to go back to her family but even occasional hookers couldn’t raise the budget to offer presents). It broke my heart to receive last minute’s request for money.




The majority of ladyboys send messages mentionning money problems but also wishing and hoping a better year in 2021. Obviously, they need money.

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Vietnam seems to have been experiencing a third wave for 1 week, not more. I had read no news and no one told me the government was about to make decisions. In December I had been informed that jobs were threatened by a decision to close non essential business but nothing happened. Vietnamese people don't know that vaccination campaigns started in North America and Europe, they even don't know that a Vietnamese vaccine started the phase 1 tests. 

I also noticed contradictions between what I was told and what seems to be true. A ladyboy going back to her family home in the province is supposed to quarantine 21 days, but I saw ladyboys going and having rest. I can't explain everything. I also saw ladyboys living in one of the most affected provinces going out and having a normal life. She usually lives with her family. 

Back to lì xì. This means "lucky money", but it's not really a lottery. It's what is reffered as to New Year's gifts but gifts for children and youngsters only. The giver has to purchase a beautiful envelope to offer money. Of course ladyboys sollicit their sponsors to get some money although they are no longer teen agers. The information costed me a lì xì to my girlfriend. I had to make WU heat for a while. 




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I received confusing information earlier this week regarding the covid19 in Vietnam. The country has been hit by the 3rd wave. Daisy told me they had to quarantine in HCMC, in other words they were submitted to a new lock down although I had read nothing like this. So I searched carefully  the website of the Ministry of Health to try to find out what. 

New cases were detected in large cities, in Hanoi, Hai Duong, Da nang and in the north of HCMC including the district 1 (the actual centre). The vice minister of health went to Hai Duong province and decided to apply  all the provisions provided for in ordinance 16 of the Prime Minister. (Ordinance 16 was the plan decided by the Prime Minister last year in April before the first lock down). The Vietnamese authorithies were worried since they have recorded 4 strains the new cases : "+ A.23.1" from Rwanda, Africa at TSN Airport, Ho Chi Minh City, "+ D614G" from Europein Da Nang, "+ B.1.351" from South Africa on South African patients (BN1422), entering Noi Bai airport (Hanoi), "+ B.1.1.7" from The UK is causing epidemics in Hai Duong.

Hai Duon is a city and a province located between Hanoi and Ha Long bay. It's an industrial province with many factories and workers unable to comply with social distancing. The epidemic remains under control all over the territory of Vietnam except in Hai Duong were the situation remains very complicated declared Dr Dang Quang Tan, Managing Director of the department of Health prevention at the Ministry of Health. 

The Ministry of Health reminded however that the epidemic remained low in Vietnam : 2368 cases (today), 35 deaths, 174th worldwide. The phase 1 of the Vietnamese vaccine should be over soon. It is expected that on February 26, the first vaccination of phase 2 will be held in Ben Luc district, Long An province.  If phase 2 succeds, phase 3 should start in early May 21. 

Just a reminder : traveling to Vietnam has been prohibited since March 20th, 2020, without prior  authorization of the Vietnamese authorities. Such authorizations are restricted to  diplomatic and embassy staff, business leaders, experts or highly qualified workers.

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