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Neta Resort 500 Baht Great Value For Money

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I posted about this hotel before but I didn't want it to get lost in a big thread so am giving Neta its own thread because the deal is so good.  If you are coming down from Bangkok for a weekend it is my recommendation.  

During Corona time at the 500 baht price point in a super convenient Pattaya location you can often get a nice enough room but it may be lacking a lift, a pool, gym, daily cleaning, or a safety box.  We're not talking about a huge pool or big gym but hey it's 500 baht. Neta is a nice new hotel with a 500 baht walk in rate.  You can confirm that this rate exists by calling 091 761 5335.

Note sometimes you will see good rates for condos but there is often a charge if you want the room cleaned and also a mandatory final clean.

My original post below:

If I was coming down to Pattaya for a few nights, I'd stay at the Neta Resort.   It's on Booking .com and Agoda for 756 baht (642 + 114=756 on Agoda) but there is a sign outside with a walk in rate of just 500 baht.

This is normally a 1500 baht a night place, quite nice just off the quiet end of Soi 15 next to the Urban Condo (not the busy end near Buakhao).  Pool, gym, lift etc.

No contest between Neta and the old walkups around Buakhao.

Here's the website so you can see pics and info but the walk in promotion is not on the website.  It wont be full so don't worry about a reservation.  But you can call 091 761 5335 to verify the 500 baht walk in rate.



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14 hours ago, seven said:

This is on  hershey highway before the casino, same side, walking towards soi Buakhao? 


You're referring to the Whisper.  Neta is just across the soi, on the right hand side if headed to Buakhao.

Many of you might be wondering where the fook is the Hershey Highway and where's the casino?

There is an unamed soi which some of us call the Hershey Highway that goes from Soi 15 near the Urban Condo up to Soi Buakhao bt the almost deserted Blue Ratree beer bar complex not too far from Action Street.  Both ends of the soi are concrete but the middle is dirt and can get muddy after a downpour hence the niickname, Hershey Highway.

Casino?  On this soi is a secret casino, fenced in, the gate only opening for vehicles.  No idea which games are played there.  I've only seen Asians going in and out. It is quite possible that farang are not welcome.  I am interested in learning more about this joint so if anyone knows, please speak up.   

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11 hours ago, Pdoggg said:

You're referring to the Whisper.  Neta is just across the soi, on the right hand side if headed to Buakhao.

Right, thanks. 

re: Casino. I know a good part of the hard earned cash some of the ladymen extract from farangs goes right back into that type of thai economy.

One lost 50K on one occasion "Why I'm not lucky?" she cried. 

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