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My Opinion on Edward Sweeney in Vietnam videos

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I had felt like posting this for weeks since I completed watching ES's videos posted by Duke007. I had tried to explain that I know cities visited by ES probably better than he (ES) did but Duke007 hoovered the post in a typical PY style. However, although I don't want to spend too much energy to struggle for the truth, I would like to add a review of Edward' Sweeney's videos, not that I want to flame out what he did but many forums mates wouldn't have hesitated to flame me if I had posted such approximative information.

To start with, I must reckon that Edward Sweeney makes very good quality videos. I am talking of his filming and his mastery of his video tools, hardware and software. I wish I would be able to make such good quality videos. I would probably create my own Youtube channel at least to post counter reviewing videos of Vietnam. Having said that, I don't find so much interesting stuff in ES's videos. I don't know if his way of speaking is so colorful as it seems to be, but as a non native English speaker, they bore me and I feel sleepy before watching the half of a video. I can't blame him for his language but I have noticed for long his habit of filming his big face on half of the screen letting less than the half in the background for what should be actually dealt with. Why not if what he says is so interesting ? 

BUT when I saw untrue information being developped in half of the videos, I must react at least to say that I can't agree with it. I've remained silent for a few months not only because I had been busy with Vietnamese ladyboys but also because I felt like flaming ES as a retarded idiot without culture and full of prejudice. I decided to wait till I would find time to write calmly on the subject.

Again before criticizing his videos, I can't reach his level in video making. I started using my camera video mode during my last trip. I made a first attempt and believed it didn't work. So I kept the file and realized 2 weeks later that I had made a short video. I made a few more short videos but I missed what I think is the most important : find a subject and an opportunity to shoot people without being too much disturbed. Everyone remembers another short video I posted in another thread. On a technical point of view, this video is a crack. I spent a couple of hours though to improve it and add texts and logos. I am not a vlogger but what's in the video is more important than a vlog spreading fake information. (At least in my eyes)

The first thing that jumps at you when watching ES's videos is his lack of culture. I can't judge whether he is cultured or not, but like many white men, he is unable to adapt to a foreign culture. I don't know if he is a farang racial supremacist but he seems to act as one, at least he must have some kind of britannomorphism in his mind. The world was made neither by British nor by American people and one should consider that local people may be as smart as white men to build their country at their own image. France paid an expensive price after forgetting this principle in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, people pronounce « tr » as « ch » in western langages. «Left » is «trái», « white «  is « màu trang » but it has to be pronounced « chy » or «mau chang ». Similarly the ladyboy in Hanoi « Trang » is called « Chang » (as in Chinese) when speaking. So the city’s Nha Trang is to be pronounced «Nia Chang » and not «Nia Tllang » as in ES’s video. In HCMC, the central post has kept its signs « la poste » in French and Sweeney is unable to say « la post » (as in English). This doesn’t sound serious. But it’s just a question of form.


Now, let’s get down to bullshits.

The first one I heard is that no one will hook up a girl in Hanoi. Did I hear correctly ? ES should have looked for real information on the net before saying such a fake information in his video. He should have watched videos like these ones:








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ES confuses Hoàn Kiếm and Hanoi. Hoàn Kiếm is just a neighbourhood in the city centre of Hanoi. It’s a typical colonial architecture area where most of the foreigners stay during their visits. Although the girls on the above listed videos are not in Hoàn Kiếm, they all work in Hanoi. ES just omitted that Hanoi is not restricted to Hoàn Kiếm but is a very large city. As a matter of fact, I haven’t found one of these infamous RLDs myself, but I never pretended there is no P4P in Hanoi. Moreover, I hooked up females twice on my first evening over there. The first one was a fairly aggressive working girl (aggressive on a commercial point of view). She hanged around on her motorbike in Hoàn Kiếm and proposed me a ST several times for 100 US$ . I eventually hooked up an hairdresser close to my hotel for 1 million VND , Should I add that accessing my hotel was strictly regulated by hotel rules, but hotel managers were no longer in the premises and boys who were supposed to guard the lobby didn’t enforce the rule not even for a penny. This is the way it happens in Vietnam. The hotel is located behind the block where ES shot a scene near a railtrack across HN downtown.

IN HCMC, we can see ES chatting with his camera and getting lost as he wonders « but where am I now ? » What would you think of a vlogger walking in a soi near Terminal 21 in Bangkok and wondering where he is ? Let me answer ES’s question. ES was in Lý Tự Trọng in district 1. To be exact, he just had to walk across the next intersection with trafic lights and he would have found a few hotels on his right hand side in the next block. In one of these hotels, I shagged 2 of the best ladyboys in HCMC. IMHO, ES shouldn’t post videos shot when he were lost or he should have explained it’s hard at first visit not to get lost in HCMC. May I add I felt more comfortable time after time. However, why tell bullshits instead of remaining silent or just saying « I don’t know » or « I am not really sure ». Doubt makes human spirit progess. Idiots seldom doubt about their opinions.


WTF ? But it seems that ES has an interest for ladyboys although he didn’t mention it openly. Pdogg noticed he seems obsessed by ladyboys after the video showing a few of them in Bui Vien Street. I posted in my first TR dated november 2016 «I found one ladyboy in Bui Vien Street that is supposed to be the RLD in Saigon. Regretfully, it (BUI Vien Street) looks more like Khao San Road than like Nana plaza. I saw bars with girls though and one of these girls was an elderly ladyboy (at least 30 years old).» Who would be able to hook up 3 ladyboys visiting this street where they like to show off after work (or burn the money they made after work in another district) ? I am not convinced it’s so easy to hook up a ladyboy or even a GG in Bui Vien street. Just a reminder: Please note that I say «I am not convinced» and not «no one can». When one doesn’t know, one had better be careful before saying something. I also wonder how long ES spent sitting there to shoot a few ladyboys passing along his position. I Have been in this street several times and haven’t seen so many ladyboys. I never stayed especially during my last trip. I was too busy in other locations in HCMC.




Watch this ladyboy who posted 2 photos. She works as an hairstylist as you can see in the pic on the left . She likes hanging in Bui Vien street as you can see in the pic on the right. Do you think you will hook her up when she shows off in Bui Vien street after a hard day of work ? You can try. I will try try to invite her to my room for a shag and a couple of photos. I will use my own method.

How about this stunner ? She’s one of the very few actually working in Bui Vien street. You can try to invite her for a shag if you see, but again, I will do following my own method.




ES believes or hoped he would find ladyboys as in Thailand, employed as attendants or dancers in bars with neon signs advertising for girls or ladyboys and a boss/ mama san explaining that everything is legalized as longas the customer pays the bar fine. He just forgot a detail: this is Vietnam, not Thailand. Rules and uses are different.
Even married people don’t hold each other hands in public areas in Vietnam. Vietnamese people are really conservative. Love doesn’t have to be shown, sex is censored in movies and on TV. So no one will show off in the streets with a short time girlfriend or ladyboy. ES should have found the information before telling his comments. On the other hand, once you are in a private space, no one will watch or take care about who is with you (surprising for a communist country!) or what kind of games you play with a ladyboy guest (or what kind of games ladyboys play with their guests).

His comments about bar girls offering better quality service than freelancers is not adapted to Vietnam at all. I have believed it’s mere BS even in Thailand. Let me sum up the controversy. In forums, a common opinion says that bar girls offer somehow a «guaranteed quality service». This is supposed to be the counterpart of the price of the bar fine. It’s a pure legend. To accredit this legend a few bar owners (especially those posting at PY) explain that scams were made by freelancers. Bar girls would be angels and freelancers would be devils. When theories reach such a level of manicheism, one is entitled to suspect they are wrong. I was banned from PY for posting a TR explaining my own experience: bar girls or former bar girls are trained to be more aggressive in getting money and giving less. You can find freelancers having been trained in bars to this kind of negociations and they can be the worse ones. Checking again black lists or reports of scams, I notices that the worse scams made by ladyboys had been made by bar girls operating as freelancers after their bar closed. Check it again.
But I find insane to see ES coming to Bui Vien street, sitting there and explaining the bar fine and bar girl system as it is understood in Thailand and pretending it works the same way in Vietnam without having experimented it. I fucked ladyboys working in bars, I fucked ladyboys freelancing in the streets and I fucked ladyboys freelancing in hotels, so I pretend to know the system a little bit better than ES. I am not sure that ES mentionned bar fines in Vietnam (and I don’t want to check again, hearing his video would kill me) but hos theory doesn’t stand for one reason: there is no bar fine in Vietnam. I think I posted it in other forums, It’s been well explained in articles I posted. Prostitution is prohibited but the worst sanctions in prostitution are for pimps. If a bar manager gets comissions in any way in Vietnam, he/she will be arrested not just simply fined. It pisses me off to see this guy importing a theory read in forums invented to protect the business of bars and to to see him recite it in the aquivalent of Kao San road in HCMC. There is and won’t ever be any « copy and paste » of Thailand in Vietnam. I have studied the business for more than 2 years. The Vietnamese market of P4P with Vietnamese ladyboys is completely different.


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In another video, I could see in the background one of the first places where I found ladyboys. This place has been identified in a traveler’s blog years ago. It’s an easy place to hook up ladyboys but ES shot his movie in day time. I really wonder how he could have missed this spot.

It’s been a common habit for Pattaya (farang) bar owners to call cheap charlies their customers who find ladyboys bar fines expensive. I think it is legitimate to balk at paying BF whose prices rise shamelessly. But when watching ES, I suspect he is a cheap charlie. He found an hotel at 10 US$ a night in Mui Ne. That’s all very well but he forgot to explain why such a cheap price. Mui Neis a beach place in the Phan Tiêt district. It’s a long beach about 15 km / 9 miles long between Phan Tiêt city and Ne Cape. A secondary beach road allowsto ride from one place to the other. Hotels are spread along both side of the road where night buses with local stops rush at night. Luxury resorts are located on the beach side whereas cheap hotels are located on teh other side. I actually paid 15 US$ for my bungalow. That was fairly comfortable but I had to walk about 1 kilometre to find a lane to reach the sand beach. If ES paid 10 US$, his hotel must have been even further from a passage to the beach.
The main interest of Mui Ne is the visit of large sand dunes along the coast from Phan Tiêt to Phan Ri Cua. I could post a photo of Bao Nghi visiting the place last February and Mui Ne is the place where I got in touch with Hana Kate (Kate Nina). This is not a place I recommend to find ladyboys though. Here is a GIF I made with the a video shot on the main attraction. I don’t write with ES’s glibness but this sums up what’s the real attraction over there. I could add a few more pics too.

To finish with, ES made 8 hours 8 minutes and 24 seconds of videos to show one thing : Vietnamese streets look like Thai streets but slightly different though. I had done it in TR with just a few pics. He is unable to make judgement between what he saw and what he believes. This is his main weakness. I can tell you I started over from zero when exploring Vietnam. I am also confronted with the prejudices of the Vietnamese punters in their forums. This can be sometimes funny. I already experienced scams and conflicts by ladyboys. I did like dogs with humans : I observed and and I drew my own conclusions. Just keep on letting PY oriented people cultivate the theory of bar fines and absence of ladyboys in Vietnam. If you want to go there, just be prepared to make your own personal cultural revolution.


Here is a serie of pics in 2018 in a place where ES hasn't seen anything. 




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17 hours ago, P&G said:

I have believed it’s mere BS even in Thailand. Let me sum up the controversy. In forums, a common opinion says that bar girls offer somehow a «guaranteed quality service». This is supposed to be the counterpart of the price of the bar fine. It’s a pure legend. To accredit this legend a few bar owners (especially those posting at PY) explain that scams were made by freelancers. Bar girls would be angels and freelancers would be devils. When theories reach such a level of manicheism, one is entitled to suspect they are wrong. I was banned from PY for posting a TR explaining my own experience: bar girls or former bar girls are trained to be more aggressive in getting money and giving less. You can find freelancers having been trained in bars to this kind of negociations and they can be the worse ones.

Barowners serve up a bunch of self serving crap.  But there are guys who want to be the barowner's best friend and splashing the cash in the right bar fast tracks guys who aspire to climb the greasy scrotum pole of the third world tranny social scene.  

Perhaps the worst myth is that bellringing is normal behavior.  I do think that it is very poor value for the money and one is better off spending an equal amount of baht on selected girls and your mates.  But one friend of mine who is very well off told me the other day that he doesn't want to be tied down making small talk to a girl he is not interested and can easily afford the bell ring.  Actually I rang the bell for (I think) the very first time last week and I've been coming to Thailand since 2002.  But it was at Katty Bar and there weren't many girls there.  In this specific case I didn't mind helping out the girls because times are tough and also don't mind helping out Emmy for the same reason.  Emmy and the girls have been extremely nice to me despite dozens of cheap charlie visits.

You're right, Steady Eddie is probably a CC as are most guys who spend months at a time in Southeast Asia.  Obviously he is no expert in Vietnam but his videos offer his personal experience and I think somewhat useful as a starting point for the Vietnam first timer.  

Many nice freelancers out there both on the street and dating sites.   But I still think a newbie that is not very street wise is safer pulling from the bar on his virgin trip to Thailand.  It's also country dependant.  I know exactly what to do on the street in Angeles City.  But in Phnom Penh, the streetwalkers appear shifty to me so I prefer the bars.

Bars have been changing due to the proliferation of smart phones and the girl's social media use.  The bar scene has been overdue for downsizing.  Covid-19 is a major disrupter.   My guess is in a year that half the bars in Pattaya will be out of business.     


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Ladyboys working in streets are rare in Vietnam. You need to find the spots and be careful not to be scammed. The worst scam is the same as in every country : the gurl (ladyboy or GG) asks for money upfront then pretends to be tired after a very short time of sex and needs to go away. No one can say that a cuntry is safer than another one when ladyboys start playing a bad game. I have located a new spot of ladyboys street action this week. It actually took me 2 weeks to drag information out of a Viet to get it. His worry was that a foreigner would be scammed or would accept to pay far more than the standard price and push ladyboys to increase their prices or scam Viet customers. 

No one has to go to the streets to find ladyboys. there is a small bar market for those who believe only in bars. But the problem with Sweeney is that he lies, either he spreads fakes or just repeats bullshits. What he says is a complete nonsense. 

- there is no bar fine in Vietnam. 

- bar owners do not control the quality of ladyboys in the room. 

- Sweeney hasn't experienced anything. He's not entitled to post what he posted. 

He should have restriicted his subjects to streets, beaches and landscapes. He can't pretend that Bui Vien is THE place to find ladyboys. He can't pretend either there is no night scene while walking exactly along a park where ladyboys hook up customers at night. He's more than a guy who speaks without knowing. He's a looser. He should have guessed that someone who knows the truts would catch him telling bltant lies. 
I prefer to remain silent that spread bullshits on the net. 


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