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Clubs are a joint venture between certain trusted members and the LBR Administration.  

Our newest Club is Duke's Vloggers a carefully curated selection of Videos mostly about Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.

You can all see the videos but to comment you need to join.   Acceptance is automatic.  So I would suggest that you join now so that you're all set up. On most browsers the Join button is on the right side near the top.


Some say TJ's Music Bar is the best ladyboy bar on the Planet Earth although I hear there is a good one up Uranus. 


Katty Bar is my local and a fine establishment with friendly, frisky ladyboys.


Zaza is the best ladyboy massage shop in Thailand; check it out!  


Join the above clubs if you think you might want to post in those clubs.  But even if you don't join at the moment you will still be able to see the awesome ladyboy pics posted there,

Ladyboy Review also has clubs in which you don't have to join to post. The granddaddy of them all is the Romscars Club which celebrates excellence and chivalry among ladyboy mongers. It's not a club for sad wankers.


The Romscars Club is home to The Ladyboy Mongers Hall of Legends,  among whom is nice-guy traveler extraordinaire  snoopdawg  who shares his last decade of adventures there... 


It is a really great read. Check it out!

Ladyboy Water Volleyball is a Pattaya fixture. Many mongers arrange their trips to attend.


Farm Life deals with farming in Thailand and life upcountry.


Visit our Club Homepage and join the clubs that interest you. Note that some clubs do not have membership.


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Our newest club is Mongering Without Frontier.  All LBR members can see the posts but in order to post in the club you need to click Join Club on the right side of the banner. There is outstanding material in the club and suggest that you all check it out and click the Join button while doing so.  :biggrin:

Perhaps an easier way to join the clubs is by using this link:


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To Join a Club you will see Join Club on the Club Banner above a post.  Or it might be easier for you to go to the club page. For many of the Clubs on Ladyboy Review you must be a member to post in that club so best to join the clubs now so you can post when you are ready.  I think the most interesting content is within the various clubs.

To join Ladyboy Review's Clubs click this link.


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