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Transgender Day Of Remembrance

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Anti-trans memes are constantly showing up on my Facebook Newsfeed posted by ignorant assholes.  These often have to do with transgender toilets and transwomen competing in women's sports.  I reckon the sports issue is a thorny one but these ignoramuses post their memes so gleefully because Trans are on the other team in America's culture war.  Now I'm starting to see the Trans Day of Remembrance being snickered at and being negatively compared to Veteran's Day yet these same bigots oppose transpeople serving in the military.

I think it is easy to compartmentalize our experiences in Southeast Asia and not identify with the very real everyday struggles that our trans brothers and sisters experience back home.  Transgender Remembrance Day honors people who have been murdered for just being born that way. 


Transgender Awareness Week takes place every year between November 13 and 19, and it's a time for transgender people and their allies to highlight the community, share their stories and talk about the issues they face every day. 

"Only one in four Americans knows a trans person personally," she said. "And even then, it is still important for people who are not transgender themselves to understand who we are and the issues we face and the barriers that are too often put in our way."
It always runs in the week leading up to November 20, the Transgender Day of Remembrance. 


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It is an interesting topic.  Personally I think there is a huge cultural gulf between what it means to be trans in Asia vs the West.  To make it more complicated I think people are trans on a spectrum.  It is controversial and I won't go into detail here but to put it crudely at one end you appear to have extremely effeminate males who are homosexual and want to live as women and at the other you have the masculine straight guys who are fetishists in wigs and dresses. 

In my view trans/ladyboys are basically effeminate gay men who find it easier to take on a female or third gender role instead of remaining as gay men because there is cultural acceptance of this role in Asian countries to one degree or another whereas there is not in the west.  Western culture struggles with ambiguity so the men who in Asia would choose to be ladyboys end up mainly as either gay men or transwomen who actually insist that they are in fact women.  In my opinion you are either male or female at birth with the exception of intersex people.  The Thai view on this issue seems to be healthy and pragmatic - ladyboys, third gender, second kind of women.  In my experience at least ladyboys don't insist they are actually genuine females as transwomen in the west do.  What is even more destructive in the west are the straight male fetishists who make the absurd claim to be women and display aggressively misogynistic behaviour that many femininsts unsurprisingly object to.  Why on earth would women want a straight male who claims to be female in their sports and places like toilets etc?  This situation has become highly damaging to the homosexual transwomen who are now being lumped in with the delusional fetishists.  Homosexual ladyboys are very unlikely to be a threat to women as they are totally uninterested in women.  The idea that there is a a cohesive trans let alone LGBT community with a commonality of interests is false in my opinion.  

I will post a selection of YT videos that address the issue from different angles that you may or may not agree with or be interested in but illustrate how messy and complicated the issue is.



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