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Bangkok to Malaysia by Train

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Good stuff Duke, brings back happy memories of my early years in the Los and the adventures of visa runs to Malaysia, Penang to be precise.  In my younger days I used to do the inter rail around Europe quite a bit, and it was great to recapture the excitement of rail  travel again when I first got to Los.  

There is one particular incident crossing the Thai Malaysian border that always stays with me and I have told to a few members over the years.  I was half asleep as I got off the train and entered the Thai section of immigration.  I handed in my passport to the officer, a guy probably in his later 30s and stood as still as I could manage as he examined it against the sleepy face opposite him.  He looked up at me and said “Handsome man Mr. M........” and my automatic reply without thinking was “Pak Wan.”   He cheekily smiled back at me as I realized what I had just said to a policeman,  and scurried away towards the Malaysian side.  Only is Los.


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