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LBWVB - 2019


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LBWVB 2019

Unfortunately there will not be an event this year

Difficult decision as so many charities have benefited through all your generosity.

It has been a great deal of fun for both participants and attendees and an amazing success story.

5.86 million Baht raised over 7 years with 4.71 million going to various charities. 

Costs to stage the event were 1.01 million
0.14 million (138,000) remaining to donate to a deserving charity at some date in the future.
Many thanks for your support and contributions which have helped so many people.
A special thanks to all the bars that have participated and helped raise funds over the years.

Also to Referees, DJ, Photographers. Contributors of Raffle/Auction items and Trophies. 
Brilliant support from so many.

The event has put Lady Boys in a different light showing their positive contribution to society in a spectacular way.

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Apologies for not posting here before.

Sad that the event will not move forward but a remarkable result from a niche market of like minded generous people.

Many thanks for your support and contribution - no other group has come close to what we jointly achieved.
I hope that you all retain pleasant memories of an incredible event over 7 years.

It was a blast.

20 teams participated overall. Some of whom no longer exist. Anaconda, Cocktails & Dreams, Horny Bar, Stringfellows, So What.

I met hundreds of BMs form this forum, and others, and value the friendships made along the way.

The Areca Lodge, who hosted the event every year, are disappointed as are many charities that we have directly helped.

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Tone you have given hope and indeed life to the many charities that you have donated to.  Well done my friend for being at the helm for so many years of the LBWVB organization and events.   :drinks:  

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