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Lodging Expense

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In the States, there is a rule of thumb that one shouldn't spend more than 25% of their income on rent, though it is never stated if that's pre-tax or post-tax.

So when I first moved to Thailand, I kept my rent under 25% of my annual budget.  In those years, which pretty much exactly the same as the years EZY Bar was open,I was going out 5 or 6 times a week.  Bar bills add up.

As the years go by, I don't want to wake up with a hangover everyday.  So my spending went down and I could afford more rent.  With every rental upgrade, I found being at home to be even more enjoyable so went out even less.  My first big upgrade involved adding a living room/half assed kitchen.  Not much cooking was done there but having a toaster and water kettle and table meant I could have toast and coffee for breakfast which cut down expenses.  Now I have a somewhat more proper kitchen. My better half cooks sometime but it is really more for fun and doesn't really save much money given how cheap street food is.

Talking to other expats, they tend to have s similar experience and are upgrading accomodation.

It helps that the rental market seems to weak in Pattaya. It is somewhat overbuilt and with the ruble worth half of what is used to be the Russian invasion has halted.  Lots more Chinese but as of now, not too many are living here.  There has to be less Brits with the pound taking an ass pounding.  Yanks are doing OK as far as the exchange rate but most of us are too inbred and lazy to leave our trailer parks.


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I also think when we spend a long time there, regardless of upgrading accommodation or not, there is a tendency to stay in more and only head out on special nights or when someone is in town we enjoy spending time with.  At the moment I am straining at the leash to get back, and out and about on the sois, but no doubt after a week or two I’ll be more than happy to have a few quiet ones in.

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