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Philippines Ladyboy Online Dating

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Given the lack of ladyboy bars in the Philippines, online dating sites take on a very important role.

For dating and hookups, check out Pina Love

It works just like Thai Friendly and is free to join. With free membership, you can send one message every 10 minutes which is good enough for the casual dabbler.  

Click HereFor The Pina Love Ladyboy Homepage


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If you enjoy looking for ladyboys online then there are a few websites that might work for you but it depending what you are looking for some will be better for you than others. 

I think the 3  main categories are:

1) sites where the objective is a serious relation

2) sites where the objective is hooking up

3) sites where what you want is good video wank

Here are our recommendations for the best free sites in each category:

Best Free Ladyboy Dating Websites


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Saw this post, and decided to check if my go-to website from the 2010's for dating Filipino ladyboys was still active.  I logged onto my old profile at www.ladyboykisses.com to see if site still open, and how many girls active in Philipines.  The URL has changed, but still same site:  www.ladyboykisses.de

Well, I accidentally stayed logged in overnight, and just like before 10 hungry Transpinay had hit up my profile stating availability to meet.   I HADN'T POSTED ANYTHING. They just saw my profile online.  Ten years ago, I posted I was going to be in Cebu for 2 weeks, and on the first day 50 girls hit me up.  Looks like things haven't changed much.

So, my recommendation to all serious mongers willing and ready for something slightly more meaningful than a regular/standing bar girl  hook-up and willing to do a little footwork is as follows:  When the pandemic ends, get your asses to Cebu, or Manilla, or Boracay, or any fucking place among the 7K islands of the Philipines and find your serious ladyboy companion. 

Thailand gets the credit as ladyboy central, but the truth is my observation is that on a per-capita basis the Phils have MANY more ladyboys and femmeboys, and they are very willing to build relationships/friendship with foreigners.  Also, due the Eurocentricism created by Spanish and American colonialism, and the indoctrinization of the Catholic church, Filipino ladyboys are solicitous of foreigners, whereas the Thai view themselves as inherently superior to Farang culturally.  So, this legacy of cultural domination results in a smoother relationship from my humble opinion.

Anyway, I'm a firm believer that even the most hardened ladyboy bar stool sittlng crusty old whoremonger deep down inside just wants a regular whore to meet his daily needs.  I think your best bet for that is in the Philippines, and www.ladyboykisses.de is a good site to explore.

Your Retired monger,




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