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Winterjourney 2012/2013 XXXIII Pattaya

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Pattaya day 3

I picked up my almost 500 pics from the Fuji shop, with the stolen camera there would have been almost 600, let once more the memories of the Philippines pass by before I went for another three hours to the beach, a was picking up some tan already and there was well founded hope that I would return as a real sea side holidayer.
Late afternoon another massage, this time on Second road, at Joy Massage, the name was no overstatement as it was finest handiwork what the girl had offered.I needed all my selfcontrol to stop her hand from time to time to prevent a finish before time.My explanation that I needed my power in the evening for ladyboys seemed to fire her ambition and to amuse her accordingly.She let me explain in detail how things went with ladyboys, it seemed to turn her on, especially my description how I did it oral to them.
:biggrin: But unfortunately I could not serve her,there was no place for girls in my programe. After that warm-up I felt ready for Soi 6, when I passed by the Bullring Bar I heard the shout " Austria", it was Natty a long years friend with whom I had some single-shorttimes as threesomes as well, all of them very satisfactory.She had her hair dyed to blond and looked rather good. Knowing my preference she called Piel , a young ladyboy from Isaan and ment that could make a nice threesome. And it did, the only setback was the 500 Bhat joiner fee for the second ladyboy. Obviously one of the less pleasant changes, as two years ago nobody in the Sunshine hotel had asked for such.
-_- It got a nice party with them,Nat directed the whole game and Piel willingly executed it all.Of course everything was saved on pics, the girls had no objection.
But the evening was still far too young and when the two went back to their bar I took a motorcycle-taxi to Soi Bukhao to have a look at the highly recommended "Baby Boom Bar" but I found it rather deserted and the few girls looked bored and uninterested, :indifferent0018:  so I went back the few steps to Pooks Bar.There the sexbombs with their Megasillies danced on stage, most of them looked arrogant and fully aware of their impact on the rutting men sitting below, not really my kind of thing, whereby I have to admit that I never really felt at home in Pooks Bar, neither here nor on Soi 6. I chatted with one of the waitresses, Bob, a femboy from Isaan , who could not compete with the stunners but was totally happy when I invited her for a ladydrink.
But it was not sufficient for a barfine, I suppose that she had not counted on that at all.
I was already on my way to the hotel when I remembered that Beebee ,a real sweetie, was waiting at the Anaconda, and really she was still sitting there alone as most of the other ladyboys and one does not need to be a prophet to predict that the bar will not survive in a long run with such a frequency, but maybe it is used for money laundering.
Beebee was something real for the heart, sweet as candy,made for kissing :love0081:  and licking and that all with her stonehard little cock !After a long long loving session, nobody looked at the watch, she left late in the night, but this only on my special request, as for just sleeping I did not need anybody anymore.


Pics  1 - 9   NAT & PIEL

        10-15 Beebee

last 3 pics View from my room























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Thanks for the great report Ernesto. fanstastic pics


Is Bullring Bar a Ladyboy Bar now , i must have missed this as Piel is very nice and just my type...i want her and i want her now :biggrin:


I last see you at TT Changs birthday party maybe a year ago.


Im down in Pattaya around October 17th and maybe see you there. Maybe get TT Chang down as well for a night out...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks Tomcat

unfortunately I will not be in the area before December 20.

regarding your question about Bullring, it has always been a mixed bar with 1-3 ladyboys,in general today more & more bars on Soi 6 hold also some ladyboys, Good for us !

I am just planning now my travel , want to cover Philippines, ev.Cambodia and a few days in Bangkok/Pattaya.

Will inform in he Forum when my schedule is fixed.



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Thanks for the info Ernesto..much appreciated.


can you let me know where to find Piel.. the one in Purple.


does she work at the Bullring bar.  ???


Im down for a couple days week after next and would like to meet her..she looks fantastic and im getting horny already


does Nat have her number

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