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Winterjourney 2012/2013 XXII a walk on the wild side

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a  2 days orgy in Tacloban close to the limit

day 1

Here I had a real dirty , naughty forgoing correspondence with Khena from Pinalove, to increase my appetite she had presented me a camshow where she jerked on the PC, no talk about money at all.She was no beauty queen but compensated that by her lecherous attitude.Being aware of her limited attractivity she offered me as a bait three of her friends, one of them rather young, but over the age of consent.That was a convincing argument, so I planned a side step to Leyte.

The flight was more than punctual as ever and at the airport was waiting a plumpy ladyboy dressed to the nines, nothing for the timids and bashfuls. To show up with her in public one needs a strong portion of imperturbability.

According her recommendation I had booked a suite at the Zpad hotel in the center, but still rather narrow, at least for the planned 5somes,no roomsafe and no minibar, but at least internet.I could hardly unpack my suitcase as Khena permanently groped around and when I finally had stuffed all it was straight to bed.

Her oral skills were great but I could not enjoy them too long as she only wanted one thing, fucking , fucking and once more fucking !After he had reliefed her two times she got somehow responsive and we went downtown to pick up her three friends.

Then back again to the hotel for a first round. Two of the girls, Isabel and Divines fulfilled the criteria for a femboy, but the young one, Sonya was for me just a boy.

As she still went to school she had to wear her hair short, so she was not even a femboy anymore . Actually I could have done without her but Khena implored me not to send her away, she had been looking so much forward to having her first sex and that with a white man !So what could I do and I allowed her to join us,her blow job was not much different from that of the other three, and after Bombshell one cock more or less did not count anymore.

The prelude got relatively short and then F1 (feeding) was on schedule.

The girls directed me to the probably best seafood restaurant in town, jampacked with Chinese and Koreans , our appearance created the proper attention of guests and personal, again nothing for the timids and bashfuls,we were close to the embarrasing remark, if not beyond.The food was excellent, I had ordered some spanish white wine and the girls wanted to get totally uninhibited for the forthcoming orgy,so they poured the wine bravely down,though it seemed not to be their favourite taste.And the wine did its job ! The invoice corresponded to an average Filipino salary - per month, mind to! But the investment really paid off.

After dinner we got to terms and that in every respect. Each of them wanted to fuck me, I felt like a prostitute in a gang bang. Divine who had a big mouth before finally dropped out, each of my attempts to change her anal virginity ended with a loud whining, the good girl had clearly overrated herself.She also had a few to many and soon slept in the second bed.Sonya also tried , encouraged by the others to fuck me, Khena had even assisted to get her cock inside me but she did not come to a finish, she was obviously too nervous and the comments of the others were not really helpful either.Isabel showed the most staying power, when all post-4016-0-58138000-1373895139_thumb.jpthe others wer lying slackened around she crawled up to me again. Her deep kisses also told me that she was a little in love and later, when we all went to sleep,she squeezed herself on my side what ended in the night with more caresses and kisses.

I had on this evening apart from a permanent erection also two moments of success, obviously fuelled by "Inner Gy". But I had neglected the advice of the taxidriver to refrain from alcohol and indeed I felt a slight pressure around my heart.One should really not overdo it !



































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What do you mean ?

Do you want to use the girls, no problem, I can give you all data.

I will be back in Tacloban in January for a new 5 some. Two of the original crew are not available anymore, Divine has become pious and goes to church everyday, no sex anymore, Sonya is now a good student under control of her parents, but there is Khena and Isabel left plus two new applicants from their hometown on a small island near Samar. The two are rather young and look very nice, promises to be a perfect crew for a three days orgy.

I try now to find a better hotel for this purpose or maybe a privat house ( even mor convenient and less risky)

Tell me when you want to go there and I connect with Khena who is the "master of ceremonies".


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