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Has anybody here used Thai Friendly in the past or is a current account member? I've been playing around in there these last couple of days. Now, they have a paid membership scheme which is rather pricier than the rest. I know that I am giving off an urgent vibe here, and the reason for that is I have a beautiful ladyboy wanting to chat with me. I'm just afraid that, God forbid, she is a marketer trying to lure me into paid subscription. So, before I make a plunge, I would like to ask the more learned senior members chime in. Thanks.

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Hi SkirtChaser!

Welcome to Ladyboy Review! :hi:

I suspect that she is real and just wants to chat.

Though think with Thai Friendly you can just send one message every 10 minutes as an unpaid member.

If your main is objective is to chat with her, why not suggest that you two use the Ladyboy Review Chat Room. You can have public chats and also private chats just with the two of you, all FREE.

It's also FREE for her to join Ladyboy Review and have a FREE Profile.

Here's a way you can search our Profiles.


We only have about 150 Ladyboy Profiles but our goal is to have 1000 by the end of 2013.

Our Chat Room is up top:

Members Forums Chat Blogs

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I am new here. made one post so far re Dreams Shattered.

Seem to be a lost cause on that front so before I go back to BKK next year I want to see if I can get something in place before I leave.

Before my first visit late last year I joined Thai friendly and had some responses. Did not pursue them as my travel plans were not set and I was in a group, so hard to get away to check out the scene part from my first LB experience in Pattaya. That was so good that it inspired me to make contact with the subject of my previous post and that led to my experience in early October. A fizzer!!.

That being said I have kept in contact with one girl on Thai friendly and we exchange messages quite often.

She seems really nice and contrary to what I am led to believe she has kept up the conversations. Apparently most don't respond unless you are in Thailand or about to visit.She works full time,so not a "working" girl, and I mean full time like 7 days a week, in a shop, with perhaps a day off a month!. She has offered to show me around when i arrive. Her generous boss has agreed to give her time off!!.

My question is; Have any of you put the hard word on a LB and asked for nude photos etc. to see what the whole package is like?. Don't want to put the kybosh on this girl, but I guess all she can say is yes or no.Or bugger off!!!!!.

She sent a photo yesterday of herself on her bed with a nightie on, but not revealing in any way That is as much as I have in that department.

I realize that not all LB's are the same but is it worth a try?.

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I have enjoyed using ThaiFriendly several times (with free profile) prior to my trips to LOS but it seems that I am locked out of this sight right now.  It says that my account has been temporarily suspended because it needs further verification.  There is a green check mark stating my email is confirmed but they are looking for a Confirmed SMS code (I don't know what this is) or upgrade to a Premium membership.  I would like to continue my free profile to view the new talent as a guide prior to my trip but also enjoy one-on-one approach going from bar to bar.  Either way seems to work for me.  Can anyone decipher what a Confirmed SMS code is and where to get one?   

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24 minutes ago, 1hunglow said:

Thank you for your reply and link but I get the same verify account SMS code box after clicking on your link.  Any other ideas out there? 


You might still be logged in to TF on your browser. So suggest that you use a different browser. If you always use Chrome for TF, perhaps try Firefox or Opera or Sea Monkey.

Then click the link above in the new browser and create a new account using a different email address.

Good luck and welcome to Ladyboy Review Hung Low! :hi:

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I created a new account using a different email address and with Chrome browser got access to Thai Friendly.  Do not know why I was originally blocked but don't really care now.  Thanks Pdoggg for your help!

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