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The Hunt For Ladyboy Red October


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Is This the infighting feuds i hear about , not here boys please keep it on Topic ,

As for The Hunt for Red October the film as a not a typically western minded person makes no sense to me even though i love it, its For a western audience but to a Russian Audience its Batshit crazy , 

A soviet Captain ( ok he is lithuianian which makes sense actually since he ahem borrows stuff ) Steals a soviet nuke Sub and Kidnaps his Crew , shoots at his crew , murders his KGB boss , and hands his Nukes over to the only government who dropped nukes on children , The Soviets were always much more carefull with them and used more human language when talking about them , where the USA was always using Nixons crazy cowboy act nuke speeches as detterence so if you will imagine Scott Glenns character as the american Sub Captain in the movie killing his Cia boss ( james earl jones ) and kidnapping all the americans and killing a few he would be seen as a villian but not Sean the Russshhhian Captain o no he is on point , his Russian omg is so bad but brief thankfully , i know John Mcteirnen wanted to remake treasure island as a cold war thriller and i like his european language film backround , non verbal /show not tell and anyone who's first movie out of the Gate was Nomads and then predator and then Diehard ( i could decontruct those movies so seamlessly and i made "Predator ladyboys " three years ago anyway about Verushka the killer ladyboy of Alley 4 with huge fake tits who attacked tourists and i filmed it too but not Diehard yet  ) anyway loads of bias in this movie but its a better movie and soundtrack then many many others and one of the few movies that does not need a woman or a ladyboy So i remade it in a way

i may have posted a similer red october argument before in the movie section 

also i added a buymeacoffee if anyone wants to support my art critic i mean ladyboy platforms , 


Have i not entertained you ?

Scene below from " The Hunt for the Ladyboy Red October "

Cine :)



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22 hours ago, Woodie said:

Only your opinion buddy!

Just remember. You are American so your sense of humour (note the spelling), is limited.

Your right of course.........my sense of humour is limited, to only the funny stuff........you brits own the other stuff.......:rofl:

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