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Game : rate this ladyboy

Pulci Gorgon

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14 hours ago, Soju said:

Alright PG, I'm back in the game and this one gives me the wood... no reference to the Aussie forum member with a similar moniker intended. :biggrin:

4 out of 5... "au naturel"

Thanks for the comment. I actually rated her lower than that but I realized already a long time ago I I had my days with high notes and my days with lower notes. I f anyone wants to confirm  your rate, I will move her to another board. 


What do you think of this other one ? 



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19 hours ago, Soju said:

Curious... what's your score? 

(gee I feel 14 again :biggrin:)



Personally I prefer the girls with minimal facial/body surgery. This fits the bill.

Thanks for the link PG.


This ladyboy was initially in a category rated 3. She might have been placed in the 2-tier if I had only encountered mediocre photos, or in the 4-tier if I had come across good photos featuring makeup or videos showcasing sex or BJ. BTW, 3 is supposed to mean she's as good looking as ladyboys working in go go bars and I think I'm sometimes fairly generous. 

BTW, I'm glad you like her. 

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