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Beer Selection At Bars


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Kudos to Delirious Bar for stocking both San Mig Zero (3% ABV) and Heineken Zero (0% ABV).  Surprisingly San Mig Zero is the second top selling beer at Delirious.  San Mig Lite is number one.

At many Thai owned bars, the staff seems totally confused when I attempt to order San Mig Zero and often they just bring a San Mig Lite.

My preferred drinking regimen on my rare night out is to start with San Mig Zero and then switch to Heineken Zero near the end of the night. I know switching to club soda at the end of the night is an option but I would much rather have a Heineken Zero.

My guess is that Thai bar owners assume that their customers want to get as shitfaced as possible and figure there is no demand for low ABV beer.

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