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Ladyboy Sexually Abuses Pre Pubescent Girls

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Udon Thani Volunteer to teach aerobics to 4th and 5th grade girls before taking a secret photo. and indecent clips Found more than 4,000 photos of the medium, the police investigation team. Expedite additional evidence After finding out that there were victims of rape, sexual harassment

from the case of Pol. Col. Panphet the birth of diamonds Superintendent of Police, Udon Thani Province Coordinated with the Anti-Child Sexual Harassment Task Force, Provincial Police Region 4 that the user email ns43641210@gmail.com Name: Mr. Thananya Chaiyapanya, 31 years old, residing at 153 Village No. 5, Ban Yuak Subdistrict, Nam Som District, Udon Thani Province. Clips have been uploaded. which is child pornography using a mobile phone Therefore, a search warrant of the Udon Thani Provincial Court No. Kor 123/2565 was taken to search the house. Mr. Thananya's OPPO mobile phone was found with a large number of obscene still images. and 3 video clips of indecent acts of girls in which Mr. Thananya confessed to taking pictures of the genitals of 10 girls aged 10-11, the police then charged. Possession of child pornography for sexual exploitation for oneself or others, which is an offense under the Criminal Code, Section 287/1, paragraph one "prosecuted according to the law On the morning of August 24, 2022

Later, at 12:00 p.m. on August 26, 2022, Pol Col Siripong Phothichaiya, deputy investigative senator, Udon Thani Province Bring the police to meet Mr. Yai (alias), 69 years old, and Mrs. Lek (fictional name), 62 years old, residents of Nam Som district, Udon Thani province, who are grandfathers and grandmothers. Miss A (alias) is 10 years old. Of the 10 girls who were subjected to indecent exposure In order to investigate further evidence, Mrs. Lek testified that Ms. A was studying in Grade 5 as an activity student. The teacher hired Mr. Thananya or Art, a senior student. Come to teach students to dance aerobics. I think it's probably nothing. Because Mr. Thananya is a transgender woman, after the practice is over, he will go to play at home. nothing wrong

“On the morning of August 24, 2022, it was found that the police had searched the house and arrested Thananya. Allegedly photographing a child's genitals After Mr. Thananya was arrested by the police, Miss A, her granddaughter, told her that in the middle of july After finishing aerobics training Mr. Thananya invited him to sleep at home. While sleeping, Mr. Thananya forced to take off her clothes. And touched and caressed the genitals, when the older sister, Miss A, came to follow her back home. and ring Mr. Thananya put his hand over his mouth and did not make a loud noise. when my sister returned So ordered them to put on their clothes and let them go home. Reasons for not telling Grandpa and Grandma because he was threatened Don't tell anyone what happened, if you don't believe, you'll be more violent. which noticed that the behavior of the grandchildren has changed to be an aggressive child know the story, therefore go to file a lawsuit to the end.”

Miss Noi (alias name), 32 years old, mother B (fictional name), 10 years old, grade 4 student, testified that she was a friend and relative of Mr. Thananya. which has a staggering nature Being a girl since childhood After finishing, I come to sleep in the room with him at home. Has a daughter to sleep with I didn't find anything wrong. Until Mr. Thananya was arrested, Ms. Bee, her daughter, told her that Grilled pork night being caressed by Thananya's body and ejaculated twice, but not raped because his daughter rebelled which he thought had not been raped So I haven't been to the police.

Mr. Pravej Chansi, 59 years old, special teacher teaching physical education The school has a name that says that Mr. Thananya or Art or Teacher Jane is an alumnus of the school. Always get along with students a ladyboy Has the ability to dance aerobics in 2021, so he has been called to help teach the juniors, Grade 4 and Grade 5 for 2 to 3 months. When going to the competition, they will give 2-3 thousand baht as travel expenses. to compete in skills and inventions Which has won the prize at the regional level back. Come to help teach the juniors again. There are 12 grade 4 and 5 students throughout the July-August training period. and found nothing wrong Until the police came to search the house and arrest him. therefore know the story was very shocked The teacher then summoned all 12 female students to inquire, and found that 10 students had been sexually abused, 7 took pictures of their genitals, 3 were filmed indecent.

“From a questionnaire, Miss C (fictitious name), 10 years old, Grade 5, told me that After completing aerobics training Teacher Jane invited me to sleep at home. by Teacher Jane to drink water before going to bed Then fell into a deep sleep unconscious. When I woke up in the morning, I felt pain in my genitals and stomach. but never told anyone Until Teacher Jenma was arrested. So tell the teacher which is considered a parable of having to look at more people Don't trust anyone."

While Pol Lt. Col. Siripong Phothichaiya, deputy investigative senator of Udon Thani Provincial Police, said that Pol. Col. Panphet The birth of diamonds Superintendent of Police, Udon Thani Province Has been coordinated with the Internet Child Sexual Abuse Suppression Action Unit, Provincial Police Region 4 that child pornography clips have been uploaded. therefore requesting approval for a search warrant from the Udon Thani Provincial Court A search warrant was issued for Thananya's house. and confiscated a cell phone More than 4,000 pornographic pictures were found and 3 clips of children taking their clothes off. Sexual harassment of 2 girls and children and investigated whether there was an indecent act and a rape. Therefore, looking for more evidence and search in depth It is believed that it will be published and forwarded, in which the accused will be prosecuted. Exploiting Child Pornography may be involved in human trafficking


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