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Choice of LB or GG


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Have been contemplating over my change of direction in prefering lb's over gg's.

Wont go into it in fine detail but is started with a friend of mine having visited Thailand a few months before my first visit in Dec 2015. He stated that the lb's were better looking than the gg's!. I said no, can't be. How wrong I was!.

On my first visit I had my first face to face with an lb on the tour bus. I was smitten!. My first sexual encounter was when I convinced a fellow traveller to visit Walking St. We went there. The rest is history.

Not that all the lb's in Walking St were good looking. Some were horror shows!. On the opposite side was one girl who walked down the middle of Walking St. It was amazing. Like the parting of the Dead Sea. I was gawking like a 14 year old at a strip show. She was striking. Seven years later I can still picture her in her apple green dress with slits up the side.

Had my lb virginity taken that night.

Since then have had a few long term gf's. My present one for nearly four years. In the 3 years prior to meeting her at TJ's. I had a few. Tend not to be a butterfly.

I sometimes think about the change and why I have not gone back to gg's. Both can be temperamental. The benefits with lb's are; no periods, so less mood swings and more chance of getting 'It" when you want it. Less bitchiness about members of the same sex. Well in my case anyway. And in general better looking!.

I do look at porn from both genders and find a lot of gg pussies to be offputting. LIke a shrivelled up shell fish. Mind you having to multitask does create problems. They have to piss out of it, have some cock pushed in, have periods, and in some cases have babies. Thats 4 jobs. Male genetalia has 2 jobs to do.

I think in general that lb's in 'business" look after themselves better. Not always, but in most cases. Thai lb's have it over falang lb's due to their body shape being more female like.

Some of the gg's working in gogo bars etc., I would not cross the street for. Just don't do it for me.

No time for posties, but that is their choice. One comment I would make is the number of botched boob jobs seen on some lb's. One nipple sticking up, the other down. One boob bigger than the other etc etc.. The girls should demand a refund!.

Thats about it I suppose. 

Was there a specific moment in time when you made the switch?.

My prefence may change sometime, but I doubt it.

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