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  1. Many thanks for the report Premier. Will be back in PP mid to end of April so will certainly check out the new Madame Butterfly. That said four LB's in one night is setting the bar a little too high for me...
  2. I guessed they were the main places to visit. On my last trip I had no luck in Siem Reap but that undoubtedly reflected more on me than the place. Was too tired after trekking around the temples to do much in the evening. I enjoyed Snooky and had a great time on Victoria Hill. As you know there aren't a lot of bars but the atmosphere was relaxed and I spent some pleasant evenings just drinking, playing pool, and chatting up the LBs and working girls. If I do go back I will probably stay at a hotel closer to Victoria Hill, last time I was out at Otres Beach. Occhetteal Beach was also nice but it had more of a backpacker vibe which I can only take in small doses. That said I did meet two absolutely stunning LBs there and it does seem to be the place where everyone ends up at the end of the night if you can stay awake until 2 or 3 in the morning, there I go showing my age again. Probably the wrong place to ask my follow-up question but what are people's experiences of Laos and Vietnam. Worth a visit?
  3. Planning a return visit in mid to late April. Last trip I visited PP, Snook and saw the temples in Siem Reap. Enjoyed those experiences but was wondering if there are any other places to explore. Getting to the age where I don't need more than a handful of bars and of course a LB or two to keep me happy. Anyone visiting Cambodia at the same time and fancy meeting up let me know.
  4. Hi biexpat. Sorry to say I'm not going to be that helpful to you. I did get myself up to Siem Reap but the LB scene is somewhat lacking. That said I was so knacked at the end of each day from walking round the temples I didn't have that much energy left to explore the nightlife in too much detail so maybe I missed out. There is a gay bar that had drag acts doing cabaret during the evening but no LB's as far as I could tell. One of the barmen told me that there was a nightclub where they could be found but as I said I was exhausted from the sunrise tours of the temples to explore further. In all I was rather disappointed overall of the SR night time options, very much a backpacker vibe. I trust you have more success.
  5. Hi Pdoggg, thanks for all the advice. yes I didn't pick the timing of my trip well as rainey season has already started. That said I'm not that interested in sitting in the sun and just here to relax which can be done whatever the weather. Hi Masterpp, will be leaving here on Sunday 29th if you fancy a beer.
  6. Hi masterpp, sorry I doubted you but never can be too careful. I would love to join you but unfortunately our paths are crossing as I'm on my way down to Sihanoukville for a week. If you can provide any helpful hints where to find LBs as cute as your slave in Sihanoukville I'd be much appreciated. Enjoy your session in PP.
  7. A little too close to pimping for my liking...
  8. Thanks again for the hotel advice. Just in the process of booking. How about the best way of getting there from PP? I could jump on a flight or is the bus a worthwhile experience to see a bit of Cambodia?
  9. As for last night my adventure continued. Started off in Paddy Rice watching the F1 and having a couple of beers and a plate of fish and chips... note to self you come all the way to Cambodia and eat British grub... not clever. Then off to Island Bar. Nice place, well in reality the inside looks like any other bar but the hostesses don't rush you as you walk in the door. There must have been about 15 girls there and I was the only customer but it was relatively early (9pm). Got talking to one of the girls and she said the owner had given instructions not to hassle for girl drinks. Eventually got around to asking if there were any LBs here and she said four or five, obviously my LB radar is still malfunctioning. But no problem as word must have got around that I'd asked as within five minutes I had three of them around me. The best looking in my humble opinion said her name was Anna or Annie (tall and slim - but aren't they all) and had been working there for three years so some of you might know her. She introduced me to her friend who she claimed had started working there just two days ago who even after quite a few beers looked rough and needed to invest in a better wig. Two others also came over but by that stage they were making fun of the way I pronounced their names and I half suspect they were just giving me rude Khmer words to repeat for their amusement. Now a bit of backstory. Based upon my failings yesterday I devised a backup plan by using a reference in one of these threads to contact a LB on ThaiFriendly. She was the only Cambodian LB on the site and went by the name Llisalisa (so good they named her twice). She was now calling me regularly on my phone and being a gentleman I thought the least I could do was at least meet her knowing that Island Bar would be there if it didn't work out Met Lisa outside Candy Bar. Nice looking, slim, great arse and two pert little falsies which convinced me that Wimbledon would be two balls short next year. Bi-lingual in that she users English and Khmer interchangeably in the same sentence and speaks 100 miles an hour. I eventually worked out she was saying she had a friend in the Say Now Bar (I think) further up 136 street. Stay clear of this place as it turned out to be a rip off, no LBs and my bill was padded. Couldn't be bothered to make a fuss and so left after about an hour which is when the real fun started. Lisa it turns out had come on her moped so she tells me to hop on the back. Now I don't know if riding on the back of a moped driven by a LB in PP at night is on your bucket list but if it is make sure its at the end of the list otherwise you're unlikely to achieve any of the others. Off she goes holding a conversation with me at the same time which involves her turning her head and looking back at me rather than watching the traffic. After five minutes I realise she doesn't have any lights on but when I point this out it doesn't seem to bother her. I have no idea of the directions we took as my eyes were mostly closed throughout the journey but eventually we arrive at a place called the GL Lounge. Lisa assures me this is normally frequented by up to 30 or 40 LBs. Tonight it seems from the party balloons and decorations that someone is having a birthday party but we seem to be the first guests to arrive. An hour later a few more drinks have been supped and the place has filled up (including the birthday boy) and the cabaret begins. First number is 'I Love You Baby' which the performers carry off pretty well even if the lip synching does require some work. As the show progresses it evolves into mostly Khmer songs and comedy skits which has Lisa laughing her head off although the punchlines are lost on me. Basically its a gay club frequented by locals (I could only see one other western face) and from what I could tell most of the patrons were either Femboys or Drag Queens. Not really my thing although Lisa did say that other nights there are lots more LBs. That said its large and glitzy and drinks prices were reasonable. We roll out of the place at about 2am and back on the moped heading for the hotel. Well that was the plan but it becomes clear fairly quickly that Lisa has no idea where my hotel is. It is also clear to me that there is one male trait that LBs haven't yet forgotten which is a refusal to ask directions when they are lost. Eventual more by luck than judgement we find the place. One final problem is she doesn't want to leave her moped outside the hotel, off we go again to a 'shop' she knows where I discover there is a facility to leave your moped overnight under the watchful eye of some security guards. Another 30 minute wait on a street corner trying to wave down non-existent taxis or tuk-tuks and eventually we go three up on the back of a motorbike back to the hotel. I said i was a gentleman so won't go into details on the events that followed. Lets just say that while every bit about her is functioning Lisa is more suited to be a bottom than a top, not a problem for me. She stayed the whole night and was in no rush to leave the next morning. She is certainly fun, knows how to party (which I'm sure appeals to most of you on here) however for me at my age I probably could do with a slightly less hectic lifestyle and so while immensely enjoyable as a one-off and providing stories to tell the grandkids (well maybe not) I will probably not be reliving that experience again. The search goes on.... but isn't that the fun of it... probably taking a night off tonight but I'll let you know as soon as I hit the trail again... Footnote: Continuing to exchange messages with Tiara. Says she no longer does the bar scene and just relies on dating sites.
  10. Appreciate the hotel advice. Will be coming back through PP in a weeks time after visiting Siem Reap so wil check out your suggestions.l
  11. Newbie to PP and the LB scene in general and just arrived last night after a long stint without break working in the Middle East. I had organised an online visa and so immigration went smoothly. I had also arranged online a pick-up at the airport which didn't turn up. Ended up getting a Tuk-Tuk which costs US$10, probably should have haggled but didn't have the enthusiasm after the overnight flight and long wait at the airport (Footnote: I complained to the online company and in fairness to them they refunded my fee without question although in hindsight there is no need to book ahead as plenty of transport available outside the airport). I'm staying at the La Rose Boutique Hotel and Spa, a little way away from the night life which I might end up regretting and a little pricey (US$60 a night) however that includes access to a pool which I intend to use during the day to de-stress after my stint in the Middle East. Trip last night in the back of the Tuk-Tuk was crazy, chaotic but ultimately a great introduction to PP. Discovered I had arrived in the middle of the Kings birthday celebrations and was told this had brought more traffic onto the streets. It was already late when I arrived (10pm) but showered and back out again for what I told myself would be just a couple of beers before crashing out early...you can guess how that turned out. Got dropped off at the Night Market and then made my way back down the Riverside counting the street numbers and using the advice on this forum as a guide. Found a local eatery where I had a good Khmer curry and the two beers I had promised myself. Well I said to myself I guess there's no harm in having one more and found myself in the Loco Bar on Street 30. As others on this forum have said the owner is western (Jim I think), and I got chatting to him. Nice guy but as with any ex-pat you meet out here wherever you mention they have always been there and done that hahaha. As I said I'm new to all this so probably should have just asked if there were any LBs there but couldn't get up the nerve. The place was busy and as also mentioned on this forum the girls don't hassle you, they come up and start to chat but if you are not interested they will move off. Looking around the place I did note a couple of likely LBs but both were occupied with other punters. Few more beers later and I find myself out on the street trying to call Tiara who's number I got from this forum. Probably just as well she didn't pick up as a semi-drunk Englishman calling at close to midnight is probably not a good first introduction. We have subsequently exchanged txt messages and she is busy this week but I hope to meet up with her in a couple of weeks when I come back through PP. Next stop is Cycree Bar (130 and 49 intersection). Bad choice. No LBs in here and only me and another what appears to be a drunk Japanese guy who is slumped over the end of the bar. I get coerced into buying a couple of lady drinks and the next thing I know I'm getting a back rub from one girl and a front rub (if you know what I mean from the other). In desperation I did put my hand down the panties of the more masculine looking of them but didn't find what I was looking for. Eventually extracted myself from the place, jumped into a Tuk-Tuk and said take me home... well I'm sure that's what I said but found myself ten minutes later outside of Pontoon night club. Now I'm in my late fifties, overweight, and have never considered myself handsome but within minutes I had a succession of freelancers it seems mistaking me for Brad Pitt. A combination of the drink, the noise of the place and my lack of experience at this game made sorting the LBs from the GGs a hopeless task. More beers later and after embarrassing attempts to dance as if I was still in my teens, one of the GGs took pity on me (or advantage of me) and hauled me out into a Tuk-Tuk. Half way down the road she said can my friend come as well to which of course there was only one answer. So not the most successful of first nights and I remain an PP LB virgin. Waking up next to two young beautiful GGs did go some way to help, even if I can see the more experienced members of this forum just shaking their heads at the failings of a newbie. Tonight I think I'll include the Island Bar on the list of places to visit as I saw it got a reasonable write up on here. I'm also thinking that I should simply pluck up the courage to ask where are the LBs when I walk into a bar (yes some hope of that)... I'll keep you posted....
  12. Going myself to SR in a weeks time. Any update from anyone on where LB action can be found would be appreciated. if not I'll report back later on my own experiences.
  13. Newbie to the forum visiting PP next month, week of 23rd Nov. Anyone there at the same time who wants to meet up for a beer let me know...
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