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  1. We are in battambang on february 4 ,5 ,25 26 ... Somebody want to have fun and a good blowjob from my sub lb ?
  2. Hello UKSmooooth you can find 2 LB on Victory Hill in the Barstreet , the first Bar on the Left Side ( Tigerbar ) . When you wil arriving in Sihanoukville ?? Can meet you for a Bier Monday 23 ??
  3. masterpp

    Phnom Penh update

    20kg but exess i dont no.. There have a office at Siem reap Domestic Airport
  4. masterpp

    Phnom Penh update

    From Siem reap to Phnom Penh look also http://bassakaair.com/ there have flights one Way about 25 $
  5. Yes SiamSam usually she take more Money for Blowjob , but this time is also for my pleasure and i can educate here befor spectators this is also the reason for the Price ... But also with 10$ only 1 Men is interessed until now .. My Idea was to have about 3 or4 Guys there like look first the education from the shemale and after she can blow . Last time i do the same with a real Khmergirl and we have 5 Guys ... Sometimes i think any Guys there want to have a Bj from a Ladyboy but not dare . My Hotel is in Sihanoukville .....
  6. .... I now here 4 years now she like to blow and i tell here that i like sometimes to look thats all .Im Dominant and she is submissive . About Money i have my own Hotel in Cambodia so i have not needed to be pimp . I fulfill my erotic wish that's all....
  7. 10$ for a blowjob and maybe More its what she want .. I not earn money from here .. This is juste that she learn that she have to do somethings for win money . for all guys that comming i will paid the Beer
  8. A lot of Comments ..... but no Men that want try on 25. Mai or no men that living in Phnom Penh ????
  9. Sorry for my English sometimes its not my Mother Language .. She is 19 years old , i now here 3 years now , she is unhappy as men so she want to make Passport and go work in Bangkok for earn .Money so she can go surgery . For me i like to look when she give Blowjobs at other guys she is submissive and i like to play with here , not for free because she have to learn that she have to do sometings for money . i paid for here a new Passport this is the raison that she comme to Phnom Penh .. so when you are interessed contact me
  10. I Stay in Phnom Penh on 25 May . My Ladyboyslave want to make Blowjobs in the Hotel she is young small titts and a perfect small ass.. we ask 10$ on the Door ( thats for she ) any guys are interested ?? send sms at zero seven one eight zero zero seven tree tree two
  11. so battambang is not so fare so when i come one time to bangkok i will go have a drink with you
  12. Battambang is about 6 Hour with Bus from Bangkok .. Border Poipet direction Siem reap ArchieBunker .... where you stay in thailand ??
  13. When any People stay in Battambang on day 15 April so please send me sms at 071 8 0 0 7 3 32 ONLY SMS , i will call back
  14. So you can do a Trip to Battambang in Cambodia Mr. ArchieBunker
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