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  1. Rina, would have to be Rina for my choice.
  2. never bothered me was more interested in what was contained within the underwear rather than the underwear itself
  3. Its a sad sad sad day in France today R.I.P. to those who lost their lives and speedy recoveries to the wounded.
  4. Saying Hi to Kam is the easy bit, I think saying good bye to her would be harder
  5. OMG I would kill for a full English...when it comes to food the French are quite good at it but they have no idea what makes a good breakfast. Give me a good full English any day of the week if the smoking or drinking don't get me then at least let me have a decent breakfast before I meet my maker!
  6. girly...though don't mind the odd ass slap if im being ridden like a three legged mule but nothing too serious
  7. Ha well if you going to get technical then ......yes I implied sod Miran. But if the camera was willing for a three-sum well.....lol :happy0065:
  8. Behind the camera....heck I want to be behind Miran s#d the camera
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