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  1. Chaps has anyone got the latest skinny on that minx May. I quite fancy getting my paws on her on my next trip. Also that non smiling May lookalike Kitar. Are they still both on staff?
  2. Vee


    One of the first bars I want to check out next time I hit Pattaya which will be in the coming month or two all things going to plan. Yaya looks quite tasty is she there most nights or freelancing? Sorry if this has been mentioned before.
  3. Good to see you are still organising the fun for the chaps Mr. Bumblebee. I have been snowed under with work lately and missed the previous party season. Maybe with a bit of luck things will get quieter in the New Year and I can finally get back.
  4. Perhaps the finest third sex totty in Pattaya at the moment. God I've missed this place.
  5. Fantastic updates Duke and Bumblebee. This really is a splendid thread for keeping all the events in Pattaya together in one easy to follow section. Great work chaps.
  6. Always great to see another ladyboy venue option in Bangkok. I aways enjoy a stroll down that part of town as it's a bit more classy than Soi 4 I feel.
  7. A smashing piece Ken. You have a fabulous way of making the every day come alive and sound exciting. I look forward to more.
  8. The bar was great in its day. I spent many a relaxing evening chatting and never letting the girls know if I like girls or ladyboys. Always good to keep them guessing. Let's hope it stays open with some ladyboy input.
  9. As I touched upon already Duke007, money really is no object old boy. What Vee wants Vee shall have bookings or no bookings. Not wanting to cut any of you fine gentlemans grass but in all fairness I am sure we can all fit in a slot somewhere. I'll even stand you a beverage if our paths cross. Tally hoe so to speak.
  10. Toystory I feel you need to put some ice on your bollocks as we say in Blighty to cool yourself down. I think her name is Ice also coincidentally.
  11. Bloody hell That Keta looks like a fine piece of totty. I see many of you fine chaps are going to be in Pattaya come early November. I may just join you and take her for a test run for a week or so. Money no object to old Vee, you only live once fellows.
  12. Just check the posts above old chap. By the way I have the msn, skype, emails and mobile numbers of most of the ladyboys and femboys who attend each event, in case you are intereted.
  13. I certainly do old boy and I think Steveo941 does also. I am sure that lucky chap has had his tongue in there more than once.
  14. Thank you SiamSam I though so. I presume you said they with your tongue firmly planted in your cheek.
  15. Is that the famous Guitar in the last photo? My my she looks angelic like a todger wouldn't melt in her mouth.
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