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  1. Thaiflirting.com also has a reasonable selection of mature LBs. Free to join so worth a look.
  2. I do believe he's no stranger to the occasional LimaBravo himself.
  3. I've had this link since time immemorial featuring the dynamic duo; bit slow to load but I figured it's something to look at! http://pattayathumbs.com/
  4. I can see it's been a slow day on the forum! I decided on a name change back to an older handle which I used in the Noughties - you remember those days! I was quite prolific on both Secrets and Addicts and to a lesser extent on Freelancerbar which then became PattayaTalk. TLF was OK, but does anyone remember the Yellow board before that? I'm pretty sure that a few members have 'crossed over' to the Lima Bravo way on route and are now posting on here, but it's always interesting (and a little nosey) to see who was what back in the day.
  5. Tried that, but it won't have it. Only email and password by the looks of it.
  6. How...............does............one.............go about changing their forum name? Had a quick shufti through the settings but came up with nowt. Ta very much in advance.
  7. Well, the area has changed - especially the prices if the narrative is to be believed! B3500 - 4000 for slow learners.......... I mean, really........
  8. There used to be an area behind a petrol station called 'The Swamp' - it was basically a U-shaped road full of Thai short time bars. Went there once back in '95 but have no idea if it's still there; few farangs ventured that far!
  9. Bit late to the party with this, but............. might prove useful for future references (including me): https://www.cambodiaredcat.com/ladyboys-in-phnom-penh/
  10. Interesting stuff. I remember seeing him on one KiT's clips where he was discussing the View Dee apartments - definitely worth a look if you're thinking about the Dark Side.
  11. At least one of those shots is from '91 - I know 'cos I took it! Pattaya, June 1991
  12. Nirun has never been that bad, quite the little community in fact. I looked round a studio once (about 10yrs ago) and it was renting for 3.5k. Small though and too many Thai neighbours. Many of my friends bought condos back when they were cheaper, but buying anything through the registered company route is very dubious - it's simply a loophole and one that they may decide to close at anytime. Where I used to stay, in the Centre Condo at South Pattaya, a guy I know had bought 55 in all just to rent out. Bumped into him last year and he has sold everyone of them since, so clearly the market for them has crashed with the shear glut of them. Personally I would never buy anything that I couldn't afford to abandon - all visas are issued at the discretion of a senior immigration officer, a double edged sword if you like, because if they don't like the look of your face then you won't be living there much longer! Jomtien does look a better, quieter example of where to stay though I have considered the Darkside mostly due to a couple of KiT's youtube clips (below). It's an area I've never explored (at all) but some seem to like it and I need to know why!
  13. Some really good prices there - probably cheaper now than they were 20yrs ago especially when you throw in the free wi-fi, TV, fridge etc. Karat condo always had a bad rep, though it might be better nowadays.
  14. Ok in the UK - but major slowdown on the 'other' forum yesterday. Works fine today.
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