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Documented: Private Messages CAN be read.

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POST-EDIT:  This thread was started under a different title and with a different thrust but evolved into a factual investigation and documented conclusion that private messages can be read as explained in my post below and confirmed by Pdoggg.   Apologies for hiding other BMs posts.

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Enough is enough and I decided to research until I got to the bottom of the question we all have been speculating about, but never get a clear answer: 

Does Invision Community software allow moderators to read private messages ?  

The answer did not take me long and is an unequivocal YES.  There are AT LEAST 2 ways to do it:

#1  Log in as Member

If you read through the thread below, you will realize that a mod with permissions from the root administrator can see everything a BM can, including his private messages, or rather his "personal messages."  He can even be logged in while the spied on BM is also online.  He can also post under the BM's name and use his Private Messenger and edit or delete his private messages.


#2  Buy a software add-on for only US$7.99 specifically designed for admins and mods to monitor personal conversations without having to log in as BMs.  It's called "Monitor Personal Conversations 1.0.0"


If anyone still has any doubt that it is being done, read this thread where mods from different Boards discuss their experiences with monitoring personal messages and how they weigh Board security and harmony versus BM privacy.


I rest my case.


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On 3/30/2020 at 10:39 AM, Rom said:

Does Invision Community software allow moderators to read private messages ?  

#1  Log in as Member

#2  Buy a software add-on for only US$7.99 specifically designed for admins and mods to monitor personal conversations without having to log in as BMs.  It's called "Monitor Personal Conversations 1.0.0"

#1) The Admin Control Panel for the Ladyboy Review Forum permits me and BB to login as a Member (this is not a direct link to someone's PMs, though once logged in as a member one could read PMs).  I have used this feature when some members had technical difficulties with their account  to help determine if the tech problem was on the LBR/Invision end or rather something to do with that member's computer/phone. 

#2) I've never even heard of the $7.99 software add on before you posted about this.  We don't have/use it and will never have/use it.

Btw, the Invision Community Forum has some interesting info especially if you enjoy tech.  One thing some of you might like is the new Invision Phone App. They have a Beta version that can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store.  You can use one of Rom's links and poke around from there.

Do the LBR admins read other people's PMs?

I have never, ever, not even once, read someone else's PMs.  Neither has BB.  I view this as a breach of trust besides being downright creepy. 


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