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Found 24 results

  1. Here's a recent video of what lower Sukumvit looks like now from Soi 4 (Nana) down to Asoke. It is eye opening to see how many businesses have closed due to the COVID 19 effects. It will take some time before things recover. This is from the Live Love Thailand Youtube channel.
  2. This is a good video showing what it is like doing a 10 day Alternate State Quarantine Hotel in Bangkok, Sukhumvit. This was posted by Cappuccino, a Thai lady who was a Qatar Airways flight attendant. She recently left them.
  3. Hi here, Some may think that Nadia who worked 10 years in Cascade is now retired> No lucky guys , she now works as a freelancer and asked me to let you know. First, we all must be aware, that ladyboys are not just sextoys. Some have a day time job, have to feed or care their family.Nadia does. So please don t waste your and her time to contact her monthes previously your trip in BKK. Nadia is there and won t fly away. No worries. I have personnaly, treated all the ladyboys I have met with respect. Be nice whith them and they will give it back. Do not try to lie, she will veriify a
  4. Please support my patreon ladyboy vlog as I need to buy a decent camera,:) http://Www.patreon.com/cinederose
  5. Hi if anyone wants to support my ladyboy vlogs on patreon I would be really pleased as I may have to quit if I dont buy a camera lol:) Www.patreon.com/cinederose
  6. This is a good segment from Wannabe, a reality Thai TV show. In this segment the host (a gg), wants to be a showgirl. This is because her ladyboy sister is a showgirl and she was thinking it was a glamorous and exciting job. Of course in Thailand only ladyboys are cabaret showgirls, but she got permission from the Mirinn Show - a newer cabaret show in Bangkok to join them and film her segment. This has English subtitles.
  7. Who do you like most in some categories? Beauty? Thai or Fil ? Why? Body ? Thai or FIl ? Why? Communication Skills? Thai or Fil? Why? Loyalty / Honesty ? Thai or Fil? Why? Personal Hygiene? Thai or Fil Why? share some of your experience and we will appreciate it... I made this post not to compare or have competition but just to know or share experience of farang men here ... Thank you...
  8. Miss Universe Spain 2018, Angela Ponce will be the first transgender to compete in the Miss Universe pageant which will be held on December 17, 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. This is a first, although there have been transgenders participating in their home country's preliminary contests. The one who paved the way was Canadian Jenna Talakova who completed in Miss Universe Canada 2012 and finished in the top 12. She filed a lawsuit to participate when they first accepted her and then rejected her once they discovered she was transgender. Without further ado, Angela Ponce - w
  9. A question for the Thai Veterans. When would Hi and Low Season be. I'm thinking about visiting for the first time in Jan Feb 2018.
  10. BKK www.facebook.com/AnatasiaTS
  12. I saw her in some movies and then found her in this website. Does anyone know where is she or hanging out in which bar?
  13. I am 40y old guy from California usa , I met this ladyboy , she is very cute better than pictures , she top me and had good one , also I give her good one for whole night and for only 10000 , guys she is the best ladyboy in town , she will not steal your money , you can be safe with her .I contacted her on wechat at this number +six 6 six one 8 tree 9 to 4 to 3 . if you like top and bottom , go for her .
  14. Hi, I'm Chinese who just quit the job and about to starting a journey, searching for the most interesting groups of people in Asia and bring back their stories to China. Now i am looking for a Lady-boy living in Bangkok,as i think they are not just typical but confident, they live their lives on their own wills. If u r interested in this project? Please check http://hi5asia.weebly.com/ and you can also find more on www.facebook.com/hi5asia or send me email hi5asia2016@gmail.com Thanks, where are you, ladyboy in Bangkok?
  15. Ever wonder what an lb looks like at 15? Well they have started a new contest for lbs 15-18 years of age - The One Miss Teen Beauty Queen 2015. The contest will be held on Thursday October 27, 2015, 7-10 pm at the Aksra Theatre in the King Power Complex, Bangkok, Thailand. To my knowledge this is the first big beauty contest for teenage lbs in Thailand. Here is a video introducing 30 contestants. Map of the location and photo of ticket (a bit pricey at 950 baht)
  16. So you are sitting on public transport, a bar or a cafe etc back in farangland and you notice a guy nearby checking out a ladyboy themed forum on a phone/tablet, what if anything do you do?
  17. I am sure at some stage we have all taken an LB out of a bar or some other venue and thought "Shit she is dressed like that and I'm going to be seen with her...in public." It's perhaps more an issue for guys new to the scene or maybe some of us just never get used to it. I recall walking home with a well know LB many years ago and basically her bare arse was showing as we walked up Pattaya Tai. I was sober so it did feel a bit funny with all the stares. So come on guys what have been your awkward moments with a scantily clad LB, or perhaps you even enjoyed the attention..
  18. Guest

    Japanese in BKK?

    Hi mates, are there japanese LB's in Bangkok, too? Cheers, tho
  19. Anyone staying along Sukhumvit Road needs to know this published in today's Bangkok Post:
  20. I very quick knocked up this map of Bangkok yesterday: http://goo.gl/maps/WG0w0 it's still very much a work in progress but any feedback, info, photo's etc would be appreciated
  21. Here's an addition to the Bangkok hotel listings for those guys that like to experience luxury for what would be budget money in the USA. I booked a couple months in advance and was able to get a Grande Suite at a 53% discount on Agoda, which worked out to be $145 US per night. Only downside was that the reservation was noncancelable and nonrefundable. Hotel is located at the Asok BTS terminal and Sukumvhit MRT terminal, and is on the backside of the massive Terminal 21 mall. From the hotel lobby you can take an escalator up one floor then walk about 200 yards around to the entrance of the Te
  22. i myself as an expat ladyboy working here in bangkok both decently and also as escorting.....i am very much alarmed by this police constantly setting up and victimizing sex workers posting ads in craigslist or working in the streets in nana i know a lot of friends of mine who are non thai who works here without the proper papers just as tourist or student visa...specially now is low season theyre very much everywhere victimizing you and planted any sort of offense on you either youre just walking in the streets at night even just going on your way home waiting for the bus to come....they check
  23. Coming in June, supposedly is direct bus service from Phnom Penh to Bangkok and vice versa by way of Poipet. This means the crazy Thai van drivers who put your life at risk can be avoided. And no waiting till the van fills up at the border. Both Thai busses and Cambodian busses will be doing this route, an equal number from each country. So it would seem the steering wheel will be on the wrong side of the bus for part of the trip, perhaps a safety issue. Saw this in today's Cambodia Daily but cannot find any online info. As I recall the Cambodian bus companies will be chosen in early Jun
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