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  1. Been a couple of years since i logged onto this site, Nice to see so many familiar names,A bit like the old days on LBP..

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    2. BackdoorSpecialist


      ha haaa same old Uncle S though

    3. Quietguy


      No old totters on here though


    4. williethepimp


      this is an albert steptoe free zone jcs...he spat the dummy out and resigned

  2. jcs

    Pookie vs Bell

    It can only be Pookie!!
  3. jcs

    Hotel Near Famous Bar

    Methinks you do not enjoy our Arabic friends and their music!!! good job it was not a Friday or you would have had a mad Mullah calling them to prayers five times in the day!!!
  4. jcs

    Pookie vs Yui

    It's a dead heat!! ;)
  5. Bob asked me to post this up, So true to my word Ae is Having her Birthday party at Stringfellows on Monday 27th June Food fun and frivolity will ensue so come one come all(if you are in Pattaya of course) Here is a picture of the Birthday girl. Here she is on the left,May SF is the other girl Please note that the party is today Monday and not Tues 28th as originally posted
  6. Certainly can confirm that it does have a big Jenny's sign up. Yes watch out for the posties, as i know all to well!!! as i barfined one out of Obsessions the other night, Thought she had a nice cock, and all i found was a butchered Rabbit!!!!
  7. most bars closed tonight, of the few that are open some are only serving soft drinks ,but i found some willing to serve alcohol... Anyway good reason for an early night, hopefully we are back to normal tomorrow.
  8. Does that room come with a free LB? :rolleyes:
  9. Spoke to the owner of hang lose bar on soi 8 last night, he is a well connected Thai and he said they are open for Buddha day and will only close on 2nd July for the elections. So fear not it is only one day without Beer..
  10. There is always some rope involved when it comes to you Tel!!!
  11. Had the chance with WAN, EX Stringfellows and now Obssesions, she was very nice when she had tackle, but although still very nice i turned her down when she asked if she could go with me when i was at an Issan concert, Just could not pluck up courage to see what carnage the Surgeon had done!!!
  12. Robo, Are you never fucking satisfied? you pay them all this money, what do you expect them to do with it? But i do think you have a valid point vis a vis the nose, I thought Concorde was retired many moons ago.... Will give you some grief on the phone tomorrow mate...
  13. Good news.....But for how long?
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