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  1. what are the websites where contacts of teh girls are available
  2. and have seen some nice butt plug that combine both Lub dispenser and butt plug at the same time
  3. Although it is not a sex toy as such, which anal lubricator do you use for deep application; i have just these last type that look quite fun
  4. Hi Soiboy Totally agree with you New faces will show up obviosuly by end of the year and indeed nice and new performer will join the scene ..hopefully by beginning 2022 ....at leats for me , i do not anticipate to travel during the next 12 months but I like to have some good outsanding contacts prior my arrival .... Keep in touch David
  5. Hi P&G Thanks for your feedback., it is appreciated .......yes my friend, iI read review but considering these girls change name ..it is easy to get lost !!! David
  6. when the Pandemic will be over and hopefully by the end of the year, i hope all ladyboy location map will be updated !!!! I guess we will have a complte different setup...
  7. The pics on the Frank website are quite nice ; not sur which type of Camerai is he using . If anyone know let me know ...very curious about that
  8. by the way her name is CAKE
  9. I am looking at some infos on that girl that may be in Pattaya. Is he on ThaiFriendly ? thanks for any infos
  10. I guess , that most of you, i like to do photo shooting (essentially in teh room but would not mond outside). Some ladyboy are quite reluctant to be photographed and ask for extra money ..sometime to an acceptable level. Would be curious to know how you handle it and provide me woth some guidelines
  11. Raisara1 Offline (1 hour ago) would appreciat to have feedback on that girl; she look extremely sweet on chat Raisara1 33,Pattaya ThaiFriendly
  12. Chasing ladyboy is great ...however I woudl liek to add some exercise during my trip to Pattaya ..need to improve my gold practice Would liek to know the recommendations for gold lesson and pratcie : - what are the best place - is there any daily / weekly training with a Pro Can we rent the material there ... Thanks for the feedback and ny the way ..is there any good lookimg LB on the course ....
  13. Some year back there was a ladyboy bar where most ofteh ladyboy have their balls removed ...it was located within walking street as far as i can recall ..may be some of you may remenber it . I found these girs very feminine and still getting hard. Does any of you have had expereince with such girl and do you still have some contacts.
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