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Circumcision Season


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Some forum guys complain that some Filipina ladyboys have undesirable dicks due to botched circumcisions but I think Pina Cock is quite nice.  'Tis the season.......


For more than a year, Caspien Gruta has been teased because his circumcision -- a rite of passage for boys in the Philippines -- was delayed, first by a volcanic eruption and then the coronavirus pandemic.

"I worry if I don't get circumcised now, I will be shamed," said Gruta, 12. 

Even as circumcision comes under increasing scrutiny elsewhere, with some critics branding it "child abuse", it is rarely questioned in the Philippines and boys face tremendous pressure to undergo the procedure.

But last year, the "circumcision season" was cancelled for the first time in living memory due to the virus outbreak, delaying the milestone for many boys like Gruta. 

Gruta was one of the oldest boys to line up at a covered basketball court turned make-shift clinic in Silang, Cavite south of Manila, one of the few provinces that have slowly resumed the free service since May.

Wearing masks and face shields, the boys sat on plastic chairs near a row of wooden tables surrounded by a red curtain. 

After removing their shorts, the youngsters lay down on a table with their legs hanging over the edge and their groin covered by an operating sheet. 

"I got circumcised because they said I will grow taller and I will get better in sports," said 12-year-old Almer Alciro, who went to another outdoor clinic for his delayed procedure. 

While he waited for the free service to resume, Alciro's friends mocked him as "uncircumcised" -- an insult similar to coward in a country where the procedure is a badge of masculinity. 

- 'Demarcating line' - 

Male circumcision tends to be more common in nations with significant Muslim or Jewish populations, and less so in Catholic-majority places.

Boys as young as eight face social pressure to go under the knife. Even hospital advertisements urge boys to "Be Man Enough".

Normally hundreds of boys undergo outdoor surgery on a single day, but Covid-19 rules have drastically reduced group sizes.

The delays have knock-on effects. 

"Once a boy gets circumcised, he already leaves the position of being a child and he is now considered... as an adult," Castro said. 



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When I was boy, I would say 90% of the guys had it done. Very rare to see the flappy skin. Problem in the Phillippines is that they do it with a blunt axe!!!. Leaves them with the old turtle neck.

My mate had it done in his late 20's!. Think his wife pressured him.

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