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Pulci Gorgon to replace P&G

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Hello everybody,

It seems I had some technical problems adding posts recently. We'll keep on talking about it with Pdoggg to solve it. In order to get it fixed, Pdoggg asked me to create a new profile that he will merge with the old one. So, here's Pulci Gorgon.

Pdoggg had suggested me to create Procter and Gamble. So I take the opportunity to inform you that P&G had nothing to do with Procter & Gamble. This was a registration name derived from a name I had in another forum in the 2000's. I then used "Pizza Gorgonzola" at PY after my first banning. I had used this name since it contained "P" and "G" but also to announce I was looking for a restaurant where I could eat Pizza with Gorgonzola to make fun of all these mongers who stopped sharing information on ladyboys and prefered to deal with beer bars and restaurants. As they proved during the pandemics, South East Asia countries compare very favourably with ours (North America, Europe or this island full of small people north of European shores. So it's useless to ask about ATM, restaurants and bars. 




I chose Pulci Gorgon instead of Pulcinella Gorgonzola since this would be too long to write when I log in. Gorgonzola is an Italian cheese used in cooking. This is also the name used by an ennmy of Tintin in one of his adventures. Pulcinella is the most famous character in the Italian Commedia dell'arte. I like this nick name since I believe that mongering ladyboys is just a comedy. Although we do it seriously, it can be serious. It shouldn't be a business as what we see in Pattaya. 

I created the club "Mongering without frontier" to share information and knowhow on mogering in Asian countries off the beaten tourist tracks. I failed a few years ago in the Philippines and I am succeeding now in Vietnam. Searching theweb for information on Vietnamese ladyboys keeps me busier than reading forums. 


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We have merged P&G's old posts with the new Pulci Gorgon account.

There is a chance that this could corrupt the new Pulci account.  We believe the problems may stem from some of the excellent Vietnamese ladyboys pics posted by P&G which are now part of the Pulci account.

Pucci, if you are still having problems with your new account then I would suggest that you open a 3rd account which we won't merge. 

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