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Stealth007 - The Network Monger

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Stealth007 - The Network Monger

In line with Rom’s invitation for LBR admins to pick a BM for induction into the Romscars Hall of Legends, Bumblebee and I are pleased to announce our choice of STEALTH007 for the 3rd and final slot of the 2020 intake.   

STEALTH is LBR’s fun loving but service oriented mod emeritus who has been missing from the Board since 2018 but who while he was here since 2011 cheered membership with his contagious enthusiasm and party on stories of the multitude of ladyboys he juggled in Thailand and especially in the Philippines.

Not much is known about Stealth other than what he revealed online.  He lived in Holland and was in the music events business.  Rom says he briefly met him 10 years ago in the Philippines, where Stealth built a network of ladyboys.  He was such a smooth operator he had graduated beyond P4P ladyboys.

Stealth was also an enthusiastic online contributor to several monger Boards, including girlie ones where he billed himself as the “Ladyboy Ambassador” and disarmed the ladyboyphobics with his positive attitude.  At LBR we jumped at the opportunity to enlist him to build up our Philippines sub-forum that contains outstanding from-the-field information much of which remains valid to this date.

So the class of 2020 has a Captain and two agents from the Double O section of MI6.  Don't mess with these Mongers!  :biggrin:

To conclude:  Stealth belongs in the Hall of Legends and we hope he hears about it and comes back to say Hi.


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