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Pattaya Business Ideas

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Duke just posted a video about business ideas for Pattaya but I thought it might be worthy of it's own thread.   One of the ideas was a fixtures removal service and another was a balloon delivery service.  Years ago one of our most active posters,Siam Sam, had an idea for a ballsack shaving service.

Commercial rents are extremely low and I would reckon it might be easy to rent a place without any upfront money except for the first month's rent.

What business ideas do you have?



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I have an idea for a ladyboy bar targeting the ever growing number of BMs who have been banned from Pyongyang or grew disillusioned with it.  The bar could bill itself as a safe place for outcasts to congregate and give slightly lower barfine rates and/or drink prices to those of us who have been banned.  Obviously the bar would remain open to all mongers, including the Pyongyang hangmen...  Come to think of it, "Outcasts" would be a good name for such bar.  Or better yet: "Badasses."

It may sound like I am joking, but the fact is that after being banned from Pyongyang my last Pattaya mongering experience (last January) was fettered from having to watch over my shoulder to avoid Pyongyanganites who I knew would provoke me if they spotted me and things could sour fast.  For example: I felt better not show up for oldlover's birthday at the tiny-in-your-face Baby Boom, opting instead to pull one of their ladyboys out of there to write my birthday wish on her back and send her right back in to show the love to oldlover and the others.  (You can check it out on my TR pictures, which oldlover also posted at PY and was hoovered).  Yeah! that's pretty flairish of me to have done that, but the downside is that I missed out on oldlover's party which I would have liked to join.

Anyhoo, there's an idea.  The fact is that as long as the cultural revolution continues at Pyongyang, our ladyboy mongers community will be increasingly divided and there will be more and more ex-BMs there avoiding certain bars, which means they will be more amenable to go to certain other bars...



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