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Well the dream goes on and on and on.


Like many of you, I am looking forward to a holiday and a visit to my favourite country. I miss the Temples, the towns, the views, the life and maybe the lovely boys with long hair, heels, short dresses and boobs.

Next trip should include, visits to Chiang Mai, Lampang, Sukothai, Chiang Rai, the hills and tea plantations and Queen’s Botanical Gardens.

When will this be you asked – well your guess is as good as mine, am fairly sure it will not be before July 2021 or even autumn of that year. will I live that long?

I shall first have a few days in Bkk, a promise to visit Iain at Why Not (or is that a threat), then on to Buriram (as I have never been there), then a couple of weeks with rented car visiting lovely places.

At the moment it is of course a long off dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So, Part III of some of the different place I have been, over the years.

1 Sand bags in underground station after flood Bangkok

2 Shrine at the Bhumibol Dam

3 Shrine on beach at Hua Hin

4 Night street market Chiang Rai

5 & 6 Street scenes old Hua Hin

7 The THAI NAVY at Hua Hin (whatever happened to the submarine)

8 War Graves at Kanchanaburi (very moving)

9The Remembrance Plaque at entrance to Kanchanaburi War Cemetery

10 & 11 Transport near the lake in Udon Thani

12 Marvellous relief plaque at Temple

13 Typical living accommodation for singles/couples with shower/toilet this is in Udon Thani

14 Udon Thani street scene

15 Chiang Mai moat around old city

16 'Cow not cooked', Thai dish of uncooked cow intestines, eaten just as it is (no wonder a lot of bad tums)

17 Victory Monument from Siam Center

18 Victory Monument Sky Train Station

19/20/21/22 Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai

23 Reclining Buddah at Temple about 80km from Udon Thani


Sand Bags after the Floods at Bangkok underground Station.jpg

Shrine at the dam 13.12.11.jpg

Shrine on Beach at Hua Hin.jpg

Street Market Chiang Rai.jpg

Street of Hua Hin.jpg

Street of Old Hau Hin 3.jpg

Thai Navy Motor Boat at Hua Hin.jpg

Thailand 2011 009.jpg

Thailand 2011 010.jpg

Thailand June 2014 757.jpg

Thailand June 2014 763.jpg

Thailand June 2014 790.jpg

Thailand June 2014 838.jpg

Thailand June 2014 858.jpg

The moat or canal CM.jpg

Uncooked cow's intestine a real delight.jpg

Victory Monument from the siam Centre resized.jpg

Victory Monument Sky Train Station.jpg

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep 1.jpg

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep 3.jpg

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep 8.jpg

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep 10.jpg

Thailand June 2014 787.jpg

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Interested in seeing the Naval Patrol boat. I was onboard one of those in December last year down in Phuket. The crew were great guys. Could not do enough for us.

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