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Team Trans Ice Hockey

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Team Trans is an international collective of hockey players… who all happen to identify as trans or gender non conforming! When we were introduced to ice hockey, most of us did not have the opportunity to play with other out trans/GNC folks.   :nhl:


I’ve been playing ice hockey for 20 years and have never knowingly played with another trans person. Before I had words to describe myself as non-binary, I was still clearly very different than most of my teammates. I would buzz around the ice humming songs from Broadway musicals – as a HS Varsity hockey player I once ran into the locker room mid practice because I had forgotten to take off my makeup on the way to the rink from my theater rehearsal, and it was stinging my eyes! My being obviously different presented challenges for me walking into male dominated spaces. I want to play with Team Trans now so that I can come to the rink and leave my identity at the door. To transcend language, to move beyond identity, to hum “Easy Street” from Annie while I skate and not have to worry who hears or who might want to hurt me because of it. 


Jessica Platt has played professional hockey in the former CWHL with the Toronto Furies. After twoseasons with the Furies the CWHL folded. She is currently playing with the PWHPA (Professional Hockey
Players Association) during the Dream Gap Tour year. She is also the first openly transgender woman to play in the CWHL and part of the PWHPA. She is one of few out, trans women to play professional

Jessica has played hockey since as long as she can remember, first playing on an ice rink in the backyard at a young age. Since then hockey has been a place where she has gone to escape the negativity in her life. The atmosphere in boy’s hockey was not a safe space though. The atmosphere surrounding the game made her feel she needed to pretend to be someone she wasn’t. After transitioning she found happiness and wanted to follow her dreams. After doing so, she had the desire to show people they can live as their authentic self and follow their dreams. The need for positive, concrete examples of a trans-woman living their life and being happy pushes her to keep doing as much as she can.



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