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Be on the alert for the Snapchat Gender Changing/Baby filter!

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As you are perusing ads and videos for lbs be aware there are now filters that can change the gender of the subject and make them appear very beautiful/handsome/cute.

Here is a video of Serena Thailand showing how it's done - of course she's doing the baby/man filter and following her video, I will post videos from China where it seems to be tremendously popular.

Serena (Phuket Simon Cabaret ladyboy)


A couple of Chinese videos with filters and a few crossdressers




If anyone remembers the old police show "Hillstreet Blues", Be careful out there!

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Well seven, technology is moving fast, we just need to be aware and on the look out!

One more video of the most popular guys as girls via filter and a few are cross dressers too.


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