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In or around soi 6

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Hello everyone.

Before everything id like to state that I'm a first time visitor to Pattaya. I'll be staying for 6 Nights 7 Days starting from 9th may 2017.Travelling with a buddy. Having heard a lot about pattaya & my main goal is to indulge in as many BOOM BOOM as humanly & walletly possible in my stay.:biggrin:

With that in mind i have decided to book a hotel on soi 6 or very close to it. Now the things i'm looking at while booking are as follows.

  1. The hotel should have an AC & WiFi. Don't care much for TV.
  2. Should be guest friendly(which i assume most of them are)
  3. I or my guest should be able to smoke in the room.(I have a Smoke fetish)
  4. Lower the price the better. But again not so low that the hotel is bad.
  5. Good quality Bed. Soft and big.
  6. Balcony or window opening towards soi-6 (low on priority)

I have already looked at QueenVictoriaInn(standard rooms) and that is currently ranking high on my booking. But are there any other alternatives i should look at. Could only find Ruby-Club room prices online but their rooms are not smoker friendly so they are out.

Looking on google maps street view i did notice that most establishments offered room but couldn't find any information online.

It would be very helpful if you guys could suggest a place that i fits my requirements.


Thank You.

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I personally think you have possibly the best option already with the Queen Vic, but there is also the Lord Nelson which also looks ok for what you want imho



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