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Where will you stay next trip?

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On 10/2/2016 at 0:42 AM, duke007 said:

I shall be staying at the Chow Soy (Soi Chaiyapoon) which is my favourite place to stay in Pattaya  :good:

Thanks for the tip on this place duke.  The room worked out great for me. I had stayed at Hideaway and Babyboom on my trip before.  Hideaway's room was more expensive a bit newer, but to many steps to climb up and down.  Babyboom was the same price,but again more flights of stairs, and no reception around during the daytime.

I liked the location of Chow Soy better as well. Very close to Baby Boom, Nid Cha, Fantasy Lounge etc... I didn't take advantage of massage row (Soi Chaiyapoon) although I meant too.  I will definitely stay there next time. I also found the restaurant below to have good food. I had a couple breakfasts and two dinners there.  Great find mate.

Spacious room


Bathroom decent size and had enough counter space. Many places don't have room to leave your stuff on. 


Big firm bed.


Comfy sofa


Big refrigerator. 


Balcony for smokers.




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