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What You Can Do To Help Ladyboy Review


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We hope you enjoy Ladyboy Review. If you would like to to help LBR grow and prosper you might consider doing one of the following.

1) Post on the forum. If you have limited or even no experience with ladyboys you may feel you have little to contribute. But we were all in your shoes once. Ask your questions here. We are a friendly bunch. You might very well know more about the ladyboy scene in Sydney or New York than our regular posters. Any info about the Brazil scene would be especially appreciated.

2) if you have friends who like ladyboys, tell them about Ladyboy Review.

3) if you have ever posted a Review on another Review site, please consider cross posting it here.


4) if you know ladyboys who have posted their Profile on another website, suggest that they also post their Profile here.

All this is free.

If none of these things feel right for you, please enjoy our website in any manner that suits you. :D

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I have been neglecting the forum a bit myself lately, apologies, what with the job and family commitments, bloody hard to find the time for ones sexual outlets. I heartedly agree with you Larry, posts are the lifeblood of the forum and I would encourage all the chaps to post whatever they can, even a hello, we are all in this together fellas.

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Thanks Vee! A critical mass of posters is essential because it can be discouraging for a guy to post great stuff and have minimal response.

The more crucial question is why should I help out Ladyboy Reveiw?

Like countries and corporations, every forum has a culture. We're still in our first year, and it is the early posters that set the tone of the forum.

Everyone contributes in their own unique way. The guys who are prolific pic posters draw in members for sure and who doesn't like to see pics. But in my years of posting on forums I've never been much of a pic poster, just not my thing. I've been more of an info provider. We have longtime Southest Asian expats, guys like Lung and Ken that walk the walk and write damn interesting stuff. We also have guys who work behind the scenes to help me out, you know who you are.

Bottom line is that it's your forum and you can shape it the way you choose. All we ask is that you don't flame other posters or do things that will cause problems for the site operators.

On one forum alone I have over 10K posts. I have hundreds of posts on other forums some of them having nothing to do with ladyboys or Thailand. I guess I just enjoy posting. Some people don't and that's OK too. So this message is more for the people who would enjoy posting but don't know where to start and my suggestion is to jump right in.

Why should ladyboys post Profiles on LBR?

Whether a ladyboy is looking for a boyfriend, dates, friends, whatever, it's a great opportunity. Some are clearly P4P while others are not. Takes only about 15 minutes and free. I know Ice has gotten many massage clients through this site. Now sure it helps that we feature her prominently on the homepage but as long as a ladyboy has a clear pic we're more than willing to help out those that ask. Actually Ice has some better poses but when blown up on the site they look to grainy. It also helps that Ice has a unique niche with inexpensive massage. But the repeat business is all her, as no one goes back for seconds if they didn't like firsts.

So if you want to help out a ladyboy that you like suggest that she post a Profile. Or alternatively you can start a thread about her. again this isn't for everyone as some guys prefer to keep hidden gems hidden. Guys obviously have to do what works for them.

So those are some of the whys.

I am quite pleased with the way our forum has evolved. It has clearly exceeded expectations and I thank our posters for making that so. The Profiles and Reviews have not exceeded expectations and I need to work at that. Profiles are basically a labor intensive process of contacting ladyboys on sites such as Craig's List and inviting them to post their Profile on LBR.

If you've era d this far, thanks for listening.

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