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Duterte "The Punisher" New PI President


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SUAL, Pangasinan: The Philippines will turn to Russia and China for arms if the United States makes good on a reported threat to cancel a deal for 26,000 rifles for the Philippine National Police (PNP), President Rodrigo Duterte said on Wednesday.

Beijing has sent a brochure while Moscow has invited Philippine security officials over to shop for arms, Duterte told reporters.

The President belittled a report on Tuesday that said US Senator Ben Cardin would oppose the arms deal amid concerns over hundreds of killings linked to the Philippine government’s anti-drug campaign.

“That’s the problem with America. I look up to them, but the problem, I lost my respect … Look at the monkeys. The 26,000 rifles we are buying from them, they don’t want to sell anymore. Son of a bitch. There are a lot of air rifles here,” the President said in Filipino.




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Well personaly i dont care much abouth politics here at home let alone those oversea.......

But if i may say something abouth , Sir Rodrigo Duterte , seems like so far so good when it come to our yearly hobby.....

I know he once said to a group of fillippino prostitute in ( Davao ) that been a prositute is a necessity and not a crime.....

And been a playboy him self so far his attitude toward our favourite hobby has been mild , hope he will stay hands off from the erotic nightlife lifestyle there in the phillippines , time will tell......

Greetz , Stealth

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Trump just invited Duterte to the White House.

I think they will get along famously.

What is completely ignored in the media's discussuon of foreign policy is the friendship between the People of countries. A rough proxy for friendship is the frequency of sexual relations between the citizens of two countries and by this measure the Philippines should be high on the USA's friend's list.

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Duterte is still very popular with the average Pinoy. I filled my bike up the other day and there was a kid, not more than eight or nine years old pumping gas. I looked at him seriously and asked "Po are you Digong?" (Digong = Punisher) He starts laughing and says. "Yes Sir, I'm the President!" The cashier strolls over, cause he's bored and wants to hear why we are laughing. I asked "Digong" "How many girl friends you have? He laughs and says none. The cashier asked him if he is bakla (gay) and doesn't like girls. The kid shoots back, I'm working for my family, I can't support asawa  yet! We all laugh and I give the kid a small tip; he's happy and I ride off.

I think one of the guys pumping gas subcontracted the kid to do his job while he slept, 555!

With the poverty here, it's easy to see the appeal of Duterte...

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Duterte wants ‘public hanging’ of policewoman linked to Abu Sayyaf: ‘She’s a traitor!’

Police Superintendent Maria Christina Nobleza should be meted with death sentence via public hanging for colluding with the Abu Sayyaf group and receiving financial support from the Islamic State, President Duterte said last Saturday night (June 3).

The President said they checked the remittance record of Nobleza which showed huge sums of money received from abroad to fund the local terror activity.

“Tinignan namin ‘yung mga remittances. Ang palagi nakalabas na pangalan doon ‘yung babae, si Nobleza. ‘Yung pulis na pinapadalhan siya ng isang grupo doon na part of the terror groups fighting in the Middle East. She is really the lady that is a traitor to her country,” said Duterte in a press conference in Cagayan de Oro City.

Duterte added: “‘Yan ang dapat na — if there were — then things go out of hand, dapat bitayin at public hanging siya. And I will not hesitate to do it if it comes to that. I will hang every traitor dito sa gobyerno.”

“When I was reviewing the remittances of the Western Union, so ‘yung si Nobleza na ‘yun, siguro sa isang page naano, tatlong beses na… Maraming pera ‘yan. Maraming pera ‘yang si Nobleza. Makakakita ‘yan ng asawa ‘yan diyan sa loob. Mayaman ‘yung asawa niya. Maraming pera ‘yun,” he said.

Nobleza was earlier arrested for attempting to rescue a suspected Abu Sayyaf bombmaker, who turned out be her lover, after a bungled raid in Bohol. Both are now detained at Camp Crame facing criminal charges.

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Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said on Saturday that he would be retiring from politics after his current term and signaled that his daughter would run for president in 2022.

ABS-CBN News cited a video in which reporters asked Duterte if his daughter, Sara Duterte-Carpio, would be running with his longtime aide Senator Christopher “Bong” Go. 

“So is it clear, Sara-Go?" the journalist asked Duterte, according to Reuters.

It is Sara-Go," the president replied.

Some believe Duterte's move is meant to keep power in the family. His daughter is highly rated in polls of potential presidential contenders.

Duterte flirted with running for vice president, given that he cannot run again for president under the country’s constitution, but public polls showed little support for that course and many many voters believed it was a power grab, Reuters noted. 

Some believe Duterte also wants a close ally in office to protect him from potential prosecution related to his war on drugs, which has left some 5,000 dead. 

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The main thing I've noticed about the Duterte family is EVERY Pinay or Pinoy I have talked to who is from Davao City, strongly support them. Many remember or heard from their family members of the pre-Duterte days when Davao City was the murder capital of the PI. After a couple of terms under Roddy it became known as the most peaceful city in all SE Asia. The common folks largely credit him. Now, Inday Sara is equally well loved. One ladyboy I know there has a pic of her taken with Sara and she speaks glowingly of the mayor.  The latest word is she plans to run for Vice Pres in 2022. 

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