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As there is still some time left until my next journey (starting December 19) and my last report has been finally finished I have digged out my Hat Yai report and hope anybody going there may find some useful information therein. 


Ernesto back in Thailand I Hat Yai

Hat Yai day 1

When I woke up in he morning it was still too early for breakfast, so I browsed a little through my travel guide.Already yesterday after the purchase of my railway ticket first doubts had come up if that really had been such a brilliant idea to take the train instead of the minibus, which left just in front of the hotel. Mainly the outlook that I had to leave the train at the broderstation and to walk though Thai immigration with all my baggage (35 kg suitcase plus a an approx 12 kg handbag) - to leave my baggage unattended back in the train would have been more than careless - made me change my mind.I forgot about my train ticket and ordered a seat in the minivan which left at midday.

Now there was time enough to start my search for my camerabag and the missing memory sticks.After some difficulties I really found the central parking place,there was no office, as the busses were not operated by the owner ( a rich chinese - who else ?) but hired out to the drivers who ran them on their own risk. The mostly indian drivers were very helpful, they could find out the bus I was on and also the driver.The bus however had broken down on his his next drive, no surprise as the drivers had no interest in any maintain and tried to make much money as possible and the owner was not interested either - but we also could get the driver on the phone,but he had not found anything neither nobody had left my camerabag. So someone in Penang is now the prowd owner of three memory cards full with my fotos from Sarawak and Indonesia spiced up with some porno pics of girls and ladyboys. I wish a lot of fun looking them through,hopefully together with mama who`s face I really would have appreciated to watch, I would even have put on some money for that.

As I had most of the pics already saved onto my laptop (that´s at least what I hope for) the immaterial loss is limited,the material loss are three 1 GB sticks,but that´s not the only loss on this trip.

At the border the Thai officer gave me only a two weeks visa,, now just two days missing until my return flight.

I showed him my ticket but could not make him change his mind, maybe a little banknote inside the passport would have done the job, but I will find a solution anyway.

After leaving the bus at the Hat Yai station I stood rather lonesome there with all my luggage,until finally a Tuk Tuk showed up.

The driver did not understand a single word in english, I tried to explain to him that I was looking for a good hotel on one of the Niphat U Thit roads 1-3, he stopped at the hotel Ambassador from which I thought it would be there.When I found out my mistake I was already checked in.The room was spacious,there was a minbar and the aircondition was working too and the whole splendour costed 480 Bhat per night!

Later, when I brought my remaining memory cards to the fotoshop for printing, before they also got lost, I found out that there were a few much better hotels on Niphat u Thit 3, but they were also doubbled in price.

I walked through all the three streets where the nightlife was supposed to take place but could not find a single place that looked like a beer- or gogo bar.But let´s wait for night to come before making a final judgement !

After a short nap I went out around 10 pm, again through Niphat U Thit 1 - 3, but nothing of interest at all. There were a couple of massage parlors with some unattractive girls sitting in front,but no trace of a ladyboy.

The tipps I had got ("in front of Lee Garden hotel or Mc Donalds") turned out to be worthless,it got later and later,I almost had overcome my hungry feeling - after all my last meal was the breakfast in Penang - so I turned into the Pee Lek 59 restaurant (even marked on the city map !) had a bite to eat and then fell into the so called " restaurant" just across, which was no restaurant at all but a hostess bar,but one of the most inexpensive I ever have been in, they just served beer ! I was the only male guest and had immediately two girls on my side - the were allegedly sisters from the Chiang Mai province, one of them looked passable, the other was better used for the rice plough.They were happy with one large bottle of Heineken ( together) and would have been more than glad to join me,but they were not what I was out for. I continued my stroll and finally found a motorcycle taxi who understood what I was looking for..Up on his bike and off we went to a rather lonesome area, the name of the street is Thanon Ket Paes, and really there stood two ladyboys, one of them a real cutie. The first offer was 1000 Bhat,I offered 700 and she jumped on our bike and all three of us back to my hotel.

A slightly disappointed view from the nice receptionist, and an even more disppointed one from the doorman,

who had offered me a massage girl right at the check in, but duty comes first!

Mae turned out to be a real sweetie, she could not get enough of pics to admire herself, so it was me again who had to stop the fotosession and come to terms.She was a real looker in the white sexy underwear and the black fishnet stockings she kept on all the time - and she was a great lover ! For so much dedication she got then 1000 Bhat, whereby she first thought she had to give back a change ! Well here the girls are still unspoilt,such will not happen to you in Phuket or Pattaya !

We agreed that she should come back the next evening at 6 pm and after a short "warm-up" and after a dinner we should watch the ladyboy cabaret show.

So my early leave from Penang had already paid off the first evening in Hat Yai !














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