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New travelling starts in 3 month from now

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:happy0065: Only 3 month left and my next trip will start. 

I am still rather undecided where to go, a lot talks in favour of Philippines,Kelly  and Angel in Davao,Tacloban where Khena has offered me a few days orgy with two rather young ladyboys(dont talk about age) and Isabel from last trip and the numerous girls from Pinalove, as well pussies as cocks all over the islands.There is an enourmous To-do-list which sould be sufficient for a one years travel.

On the other hand also Cambodia is tempting, thinking about the nice femboys in Siem Riap and Phnom Phen.

And still there is Burma as a white spot on my map ( I was twice there in the past but this was with my late wife).

I also had promised Emily in Kuching to see her again, and I still could could need a few more woodcarvings.But my planned onward travel by boat from Sandakan to Zamboanga might not be a good idea for the moment as the muslim rebels started fighting again around Zamboanga and I dont want to be their guest, or even worse their victim.

Also Indonesia looks interesting now with the devaluated Rupia, the ladyboys on Meetladyboy.com look great  !

But its time any way to start my talks with the airlines as I have a lot of bonus miles to spend for an upgrading but Austrian seems to be reluctant to give such for December/January flights,but there are a few other members of the star alliance, like Eva Air, Egypt Air or Turkish Airlines which all have flights to Bangkok and there I have to go anyway for any  other destination in the area.

I am grateful in any case for tips and new informations about the South East Asian ladyboy scene as well as ladyboyfriendly hotels in the 3 and 4 star range.In exchange I promise detailed reports with a lot of pics (this time I will take my big camera that can not be stolen that easy hahaha and my new Samsung S4 will stay at home.)

In any case there will be at least one week in Thailand before going back,it´s a long time I have been in Phuket or Chiang Mai.
Anyway I will be in the area between dec 20 and january 25,happy to meet some of you there !

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Ernesto, I would give a boat trip from Sandakan to Zambo a wide swerve at the best of times let alone now when it is all kicking off down in that part of the world! You're a braver man than me. General travel advice is for Westerners to avoid that particular small triangle of sea and islands.  Travel advisories issued by Governments are often ridiculously cautious but on this point they are probably very right.


But if you do decide to make it back to the Philippines it would be a pleasure to meet you - here in the sanctuary of Manila....


Cheers, d&c.

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Thanks for your advice,I was in January in Zamboanga ( see my report) the most dangerous there were the Ladyboys(lol) but in the last weeks the situation has changed and the rebels started fighting again.So it is not wise to travel now in thi area, at least not for a white Christian.I will go to Mindanao (Davao and CDO) but make a wide turn around Zamboanga. 

Happy to meet you in Manila, I am not too familiar with so you can show me some interesting places.



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