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Winterjourney 2012/2013 XVII

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Davao day 1

A few more annoying attempts on behalf of Celia to extort some more money out of me, among others she was threatening that she would blackmail me on all websites that I was HIV infected but my stock reply was "fuck off and go to hell". But finally I made it and got undamaged out of this shithole.
In Davao, the same picture, rain, rain, rain.I was booked in at the Apo View, a good four star hotel which did good after the rat hole in Zamboanga.I called Kelly, the number one on my list and she was available.At 8 pm she showed up and she really looked the same as on her pics on Pinalove, a really nice goodlooking femboy.
I thought she was rather hard boiled and professional but that was not the case, she was just curious to taste a white guy, well I was quite sure I was not the fist one but I was also sure that there have not been too many, Davao is a little beneath the beaten ladyboy track.She was crazy for a larger cock size and this girl could be helped.Baby got everything what she was dreaming of and that already before dinner.After we both were satisfied I took her to an excellent Chinese seafood restaurant with really fresh catch, never forget to feed them, either before or after fucking, they will always remember, if not your sex but for sure your food! After dinner she went home with a (generous) replacement of transport cost, there was not talk about some other cash,what a contrast to Zamboanga!
But then I made an inexcusable mistake. Khena a horny ladyboy from Leyte was wating anxiously for my arrival and wanted to organize a proper orgy, for which she had mailed pics of the designated participants and I asked her which from the both girls were really interested in suck and fuck. But unfortunately I made a mistake on my mobile when touching the letter K and the sms went to Kelly who was just on her way home.Shit happens ! and answer came prompt "both of course!"
Now the shit was in the fan and I abstained from a further explanation, which was anyway not existing, or from any excuse or reply.






Davao Kelly 7 PL.jpg.bmp

Davao Kelly 8 PL.jpg.bmp

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