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Bella (Niranira) [Report]


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Name: Bella
Location: she was visiting Hong Kong, but is based in BKK
Link: https://www.ts-dating.com/escort/Niranira

Face: Pretty, with inflated bimbo lips. Look is most similar to the pink bikini top with black skirt in the club. Hair dyed blonde. Face slimmed / enhanced in a lot of her photos

Body: Not quite a slim as the photos, but really nice shape. She's definitely eye-candy in clothes. Breasts are big, firm and not very natural. Ass is nice, round and firm. Cock is slim and probably 4-5" and can get hard.

Read a report about Bella on a HK forum and guy was praising her as his new favorite LB. He paid 1500 HKD. He and I have similar tastes so I decided to reach out to her. I actually got her as bottom for 1200. She did offer to be top also, but I don't bottom.

Basically, I found her unengaged, a bit lazy and not worth a repeat. Now all the ladies tell me I have a "big cock" and I kinda brush it aside because from my perspective it's not huge. Now, if all you do are small-dicked, big spenders (you've heard the stereotypes), then I'm probably bigger, but I would say I am in the average range. Bella was a bit hesitant to take me in CG, avoided doggie, so we finished in mish. Eventually, she kinda slid her hand down there to kinda block me getting depth, but at the same time was urging me to finish. However, if I don't get a good feel, it's difficult to finish. He ass was tight, but still a disappointing fuck. Additionally, I definitely outperformed her BJ. So she's a pass for me. Hope this helps others make good decisions.

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1,500 HKD, equivalent to around 175 €, falls within the typical price range seen in Western Europe (between 150 € and 200 €). You managed to get her for 1,200 HKD, which translates to about 140 €. While slightly below the standard 150 €, unfortunately, the review also aligns with the typical tone of reviews in Europe. 

BTW, I noticed you wrote 2 reviews about TS in Hong Kong. I don't know the forum you mention, but ... I'm going to PM you. 

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