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Club members restructuring

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It won't alter the fundamental nature of the club. I had made the decision to implement the club system in order to deter trolls and prevent flame wars, and it has proven effective. Interestingly, it appears that many club or forum members are hesitant to post, as if they harbor some kind of fear, which has been quite surprising to me since the inception of the club. That doesn't really concern me. True innovators are not afraid to express their ideas. I'm pleased to observe that those who have chosen to be my adversaries don't even attempt to provoke me.

But I'm also surprised to see newbies coming, becoming club members and not posting either in the club or even once in the other sub-forums. I am aware that I haven't created many topics aimed at assisting newbies. However, I wonder if other members have taken the initiative to start such topics.   It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that the average tourist who keeps visiting Pattaya doesn't have any more original ideas than a newbie who has never been to Thailand. In response, I prefer to send them a clear message : either actively participate or kindly exit the club.

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