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Report: Sura


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I found Sura on TS-Dating and was pretty stunned at her looks. I was genuinely worried she wouldn't be as advertised or would be really, really expensive. Reached out via Line (I think), and checked to see if she was game. The photos have her a pretty as some of the TGirls that ask 4000 baht, 6000 or more, so once she seemed available and willing, I think I asked suggested 2000 baht and she was good with that. Now, maybe I could've worked a better price, but BKK is more than PTY and I had limited time, so didn't want to haggle so much she was going to be in a bad mood or have to find another option and restart.

I met her about 100m from my hotel and walked her in without having to check her in, which I was relieved about, but I'm sure people/staff knew she was an escort. She had on a sexy 1 piece pants outfit with spaghetti straps. She has an awesome figure! Honestly, my only complaints would be that she had her implants put in from the bottom, so she had 3" scars under her tits. Tits were a little firmer than the really well-done ones, but still fine. Decent sized cock.

Sex was nice. We each did BJ for the other and 69 for a bit and then I topped her in CG and doggie.

Rapport was so-so as her English was limited.

The photos have been touched up a bit, but it's definitely her and she is very attractive IMO and very feminine. The funny thing is that I thought it was the same girl I had the night before, but 90% sure it's not (I didn't remember the scars on the 1st one. Report to come soon.)



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