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Vietnam. Wie Gott in Frankreich

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Day 0


There I am. I am sitting in a speedtrain riding at 300km/h across the countryside. I am actually starting my flight (yes flight) in a train chartered by Vietnamese airlines. I will reach an airport soon then depart to  Nội Bài international airport. Then, come what may. 

A song is creeping back into my mind. «Stand up volunteers ! It’s time to depart and hit the road at a brisk pace. Come on paratroopers ! It’s now high time to jump on our beloved homeland». OK, I ain’t a paratrooper and Vietnam ain’t my motherland. But I already felt what these guys felt for this country more than 60 years ago. At first I went there with fear in my stomach then I became attached to this country and forgot this fear since I had felty so well there. Again, I have never come here as a soldier, except maybe in Rom’s cartoon, but as Rom had said it so well, I came to fuck the Viet schlong.

 Perhaps it would be useful to explain shortly again my evolution in the ladyboy monger community. I started mongering a long time ago. I had all kind of experiences with GGs and trannies. I traveled to Asia to monger ladyboys for the first time in 2011. I met my first Vietnamese ladyboy in 2014. Everything was explained in my TR I posted either in a black background forum, in the Canuk forum or in my personal website but hardly a couple of people read these. I hadn’t tried to advertise on my TRs particularly those dealing with Vietnam.




 Today, I feel self confident, too much self confident maybe. I have 420 ladyboys contacts in my address book. It’s well hidden in a blog that is like a directory with 40 pages. As I will arrive in Hanoi, I already targeted a few ladyboys in North Vietnam. I recently find 5 twitter accounts in a city named Bắc Ninh. One had no possible contact and the other 4 were at least passable. 2 of them answered my request for a contact. One asked me for 10 million VND (no kidding ! it makes 14,900 THB, yes almost fifteen thousand) and the best looking one asked for 2 million that is about 3,000 THB. After asking for 2 million, she raised her price to 3 million that is about 4,450 THB. I am in the airport in boarding area. When this happens. I immediately cancel my hotel booking in Bắc Ninh and get one in Hanoi.

 Time to go.





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