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Vietnamese ladyboys behind the walls

Pulci Gorgon

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I chose a German title for this trip report. It’s not easy to translate in English. To the letter, it means “like God in France”. This is the feeling German tourists (and soldiers) have when they feel very well in some place. We translate it with another idiom of which I saw a translation in a movie subtitle inflight but I forgot it. Those who speak and understand German can comment. Then I thought, this can be a little bit boastful. I had thought about it a few weeks ago since it describes my state of mind as I was preparing to travel. As mentioned in the above post, I have spent a lot of time collecting data since almost years before covid arrived. I noticed that even well informed HCMC mongers don’t have information that I have but other mongers probably have information I miss. Vietnamese mongers are prompt at reading information you give them but never give anything in return.

 So for now, I am in the aircraft. It’s a very performant model used by Vietnamese airlines, but seats in the economy class are very cramped although I had paid a fairly expensive price for the ticket. The aircraft is full and I wish I could travel with Emirates. Regretfully, Emirates closed many lines during the covid period and I couldn’t fly with them. So I opted for a more expensive ticket arriving in HN and departing one month later from SGN (HCMC).



Once in the airport, passport control operations were done fast and smoothly as well as customs checks after the baggage claim. I was informed that I needed no PCR test as long as I am vaccinated. I just brought copies of my vaccination certificates to cop with controls, but the only control consisted in passing in a line filmed by a thermal camera. Once I saw my last “sovietic” type uniform, I haven’t seen such uniforms in the city.




Many tourists, especially the very few sex tourists confuse Hanoi and the district of Hoàn Kiếm (the former colonial neighbourhood). Hanoi is far more larger then Hoàn Kiếm.  I found a room in a serviced apartment in Cau Giay district. The few ladyboys I know often go to Ba Đình district but I couldn’t find a cost effective housing in Ba Đình.  Therefore, I have a good tactical position.

I decided to post with a delay of one or two days. If wait for the end of the trip, I will forget events. If I post at the end of the day, I might emphasize positive or negative judgments on my day.
I will post in black characters. As Rom does in his TR, I will use another colour to answer questions. I will sometimes wait answering if I feel an answer is too complex or if I have no time.

 Now I am ready to report Day 1. I will start tomorrow (Day 1 occurred yesterday)

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10 hours ago, Pulci Gorgon said:

Wie Gott in Frankreich  To the letter, it means “like God in France”. This is the feeling German tourists (and soldiers) have when they feel very well in some place

In Portuguese there is a similar expression that keeps God out of it but also makes reference to France:   "To live grand and in French style".   It originated with the Napoleon generals who invaded Portugal and surrounded themselves with ostentatious luxuries before they were driven out.

The Brits keep God and France out of it and say "Living the life of Riley"  but it is not known who such Riley was.

The Yanks say "Living high off the hog" meaning treating oneself to the best meat cuts which I suppose are those on the top of the back of the porker...

Maybe in our sissy-overindulging context we should say "Living the Life of @The-Sith:obscene:


13 hours ago, Pulci Gorgon said:

I have never come here as a soldier, except maybe in Rom’s cartoon, but as Rom had said it so well, I came to fuck the Viet schlong.

I think I speak for everyone here in looking forward to your TR from a more challenging SE Asia destination than most of us are used to.  Here is a re-post of the cartoon which I had made when I awarded a 2020 Romscar for LBR's Boutique Club of the Year to your club (this one!) that was at the time more focused on Viet Nam only and had a long name in viet script.  Party on and TR on !




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Day 1

Unboarding had been fairly fast. Immigration controls were very rapid. I found a short queue and immigration officers were working fast. Then a thermic camera was the only check against covid (needless to stop), I passed the customs and I knew how to pick up a bs and save money on taxis. But before to take the bus I needed to get a simcard. Getting it in the airport is the best solution since offers are good and adapted to foreign customers. They include data, local SMS credit on demand and international call credit on demand. As I was about to make the deal, the sales lady complained that the part for the SIM card slot was missing.We call this kind of problem a tile since it's like an unexpected tale falling from the roof and hurting you. 
I had opened myphone to remove my SIM card in flight in order to avoid spending too much and pay a big bill once back home (60 € the last time it happened). I had then noticed my SD card had fallen and had picked it up but forgot to ppick up this soim card slot. So I went to my serviced appartment and dropped my baggage and looked for a repair shop. None of them could get  it fixed but  I  found a Samsung repair center after less than 2 hours and got my device back. Then I looked for a simcard but no vendor was able to sell me me my SMS+telephone credit. It took me a few hours to find. I eventually decided to get a Simcard with a data credit and look for a solution for telephone calls and SMS later. I was explained that Vietnamese people no longer use SMS nor telephone calls. They use messenger Apps instead. 

I had my data and started contacting ladyboys. 




Trân never replied. I discover now she has left HN to go to Đồng Hới. She's actally from Hà Trang and travels a lot. She seemed to have stopped her tour in HN. 




Bé Méo asked me for é million dongs that is about 2,950 THB. No kidding. 






Then I focused my attention on to Yennhi. Those who read my 2019 TR must remember the story I had posted about her : the anoian version of the dead buffalo. (it's in my personal website). To make a long story short,Wen I arrived in HCMC, she was in HN. When I started traveling to the north, she went to HCM without warning anyone and started living homeless, looking for an accomodation and customers. I had tried to help her but the Vietnamese bank system didn't let me transfer her money to help, so much the better. She then banned me from her messenger and i had a contact in HN as I was in te room with Trang another ladyboy she knew. I hadn't /realized that Yennhi was in HCMC (and believed she was still in HN). I got fed up of looking for her. Eventually, after I left N, she had reproached me not to rushback to HCMC (and mess up my holidays) to help her. Back to HCMC, I told her she had a too agressive behaviour and I didn't want to go her suburban district to meet her (I had actually been to her district to shag another ladyboy). 

On day 1, this , I knew that the area where she was freelancing was not far from my appartment. I hoped to find a small "soi Buakhao" in this area but found nothing. Iwas about to give up wen Yennhi canswered my message. My feet were burning but I found her. 




I saw a petite ladyboy, very small, perched on very high reinforced heels and still small in spite of these high heels. I had a bad feeling very rapidly. Of course, we had to use Google translate to talk but she watched only her telephone. She announced me she needed money since her grandmother was sick in the hospital. it didn't move me. I had heard the same story on day 0 wen a ladyboy in Bắc Ninh asked me for 10 million VND. I had replied I had my problems too, that I worked too much and I needed money to pay for my ladyboys. 
Yennhi asked me how much I would pay. Almost every ladyboy did it in HN (even Trang when I met her in 2019. I offered 500 K what used to be a good price. She asked me to raise. I st/opped raising at 1 million. SO we both went back home. After 5 minutes, she messaged me in English (what she had never done) to  tell me that the separation is final. I didn't answer (enough time wasted with her). Once back home, she had blocked me. 



I took it easy. I had wanted to see her in real life and I did. More ladyboys are living in HN. 

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Great start for your report, PG. 

Your investigations show that there is definitely an LB presence in that beautiful country. I'm sorry that I never encountered this scene when I stayed in HCMC for months although I wasn't activel looking in those years. Spent those months trying to achieve congress with the beautiful but exacting/extracting GGs.

On a later holiday I traveled to Hanoi on the overnight "express" but all I gained was a boil on the bum. Riding to the French Hospital on one cheek of my arse for treatment was not the high point of that visit.


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I forgot to post a comment. The above photos are from social media except the pic shot in the night and the screen copy. 

Day 2 & 3

As days 2 & 3 had been very similar, I will deal with them in one post only.

In the morning, Trúc Linh contacted me to know if I had been able to meet Yennhi. Truc Linh is a ladyboy I discovered in 2021, then I found out she was a friend of Yennhi or maybe just a mate. I had asked for help hen Yennhis messenger seemed to be closed. The Vietnamese police asked the messenger company to censor suspicious posts related to p4p or pics with nudity. I answered her that it had been OK but that Yennhi had been angry with me (as usual) then asked Trúc Linh for a date.

Trúc Linh 0pretended she was the most expensive in HN. I asked her for her price. She made an offer at 800 K for an hour and 2 million for a night that are usual prices, alittle bit expensive fpr the ST but quite acceptable though.

As I started to talk of where and when, Trúc Linh became silent. A couple of hours later, she told me she was busy at work then I haven’t received any message since then. I guessed that Yennhi had contacted her to push her to stay away from me but I dont know.




Then I tried with other available ladyboys in HN. I found 2 categories : those who still asked for 2 million and those who didn’t establish the contact.


Thu Quỳnh had disconnected me from her “friends” list. Anyway, she prefers to top, so was not my priority.  



Diệp Sương is a crossdresser. She never wanted to chat with me since 2021.



Lyly Nguyễn never replied to my request for contact. She didn’t reply either as I announced her I was in HN.



Bạch Xà didn’t reply either although I had been added on her contact (friends) list when I first contacted her in 2021. Anyway, she had negative comments in Vietnamese forum.





Ánh Linh replied “Hi”, then stopped chatting.




Đỗ Xuân Quỳnh works in HCMC as a model now. Anyway, she’s not in p4p.




Tracy is a ladyboy from HCMC, she was in HCMC.



Kim Ngân  (Lin) is a postie. She asked for 2 million.



Chinchin (Ly or öng Lao) is a ladyboy from HCMC. She asked for 2 million.




On day 3, I contacted Trang. She accepted that we meet. I had met her before covid in an hotel room. She had not wanted to undress completely. That had been a 2 hours shag without sex. I remember she had asked me how much I was ready to pay and I had proposed her 400 K. The price was probably too low for her to accept to have sex. I told her I was ready to pay more to have real sex. She asked questions to know who would top and who would bottom. Then she gave her price again. 2 million.



I stopped sending messages. I haven’t contacted Ngọc Anh with whom I had stayed in touch for months before she withdrew me fromcher list.




I also omitted Ánh Minh


I stayed away from Hoài Thương Oi didn’t find attractive.



Last but least, I sent a SMS to Lương Phi Quỳnh who had gone back to Ha Long in 2021. She had messaged me in 2021 to propose me a sex chat as she needed money. She had removed me from her contacts. She didn’t reply my SMS.




On Day 2, I went to Hoan Kiêm in the afternoon for a massage and met a nice guy in a travel agency. He sold me telephone credit to send SMS and make international calls. The atmosphere in Hoan Kiêm was completely surrealistic. It looks like a Hiso neighbourhood in Paris without unpolite visitors and Bulgarian promoting services.

 On the way back, I stopped at the Sphinx beer bar that is a techno disco bar where Trúc Linh worked after covid times. I was told she was no longer there.
I enjoyed the music (this was the first time I enjoyed techno), I felt relax, so I met decision : I would quit this city with ladyboys at 2 million VND (3,000 THB). On the following day, I stopped searching after my contact with Trang.



15 hours ago, bubba said:

Great start for your report, PG. 

Your investigations show that there is definitely an LB presence in that beautiful country. I'm sorry that I never encountered this scene when I stayed in HCMC for months although I wasn't activel looking in those years. Spent those months trying to achieve congress with the beautiful but exacting/extracting GGs.

On a later holiday I traveled to Hanoi on the overnight "express" but all I gained was a boil on the bum. Riding to the French Hospital on one cheek of my arse for treatment was not the high point of that visit.

I started my "investigations" either in 2017 oe 2018, depending on what you call "investigations". I had a great opportunity in 2020 and 2021 because of the covid pandemic. This gave me free time to do it and more ladyboys started posting adds. However, there seems to be a backlash now. 
Now, I'm not investigating. I'm on the ground and'd like to meet ladyboys for sex. 

I feel frustrated after this first experience. Before covid, I had f... 2 ladyboys on "day 1" and spent the evening with another 2 in a bar, but that was in HCMC. I decided to start with the most tricky places this year. I knew that HN was no easy place, even for me (I can say I'm the only member of the comunities who went to a room with a HN ladyboy), but I expected a few good shags. However, I didn't want to spend 2 million just to say I've done it. Anyone can go to TS-dating and find ladyboys at 2 million VND. My target is the "local" market. 

All photos are from social media except the last one. 

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9 hours ago, Pdoggg said:

You're the Christopher Columbus of the VN trans scene!     I find your explorations quite interesting and informative!    :biggrin:

I discovered all of them by myself. No, I'm not the Christopher Columbus of the VN trans scene. KenW was here 10 years ago. I'm acting more like a Galileo and I act in the after Columbus waves of discovery. 

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I know the sound but never understood what Freddie Mercury was singing. I thought about it when I mentioned Galileo, the guy who understood so much just watching in his spyglass. 

Here's my video  I shot at the Sphinx beer bar. 

 Video shot with my old Samsung phone. 

Perhaps, I will post photos of Hoan Kiem later or after I come back from my trip. 


Day 4

As above said I decided to leave HN. I picked up a taxi cab and went to the airport. I hadn't imagined so severe safety checks. I paid no attention to the sign saying that computers were prohibited in the check-in bagage as well as handcuffs. These were already in my baggage for the first flight  with Vietnam Airlines on day 0, so there should have been no problem. To make a long story short? I had purchased handcuffs at the SM section of a sexshop after a femboy (a sissy, if you want) had wanked on my bed before even starting sucking me during our first ST in Udon Thani (Issan). I swore I would put her my handcufs next time I meet her before she spoils my bed linen again. As I was reaching the ramp to get into the bus, an attendant called me and asked me to join a safety computer because of a computer in my bagage. The guy told me I had a PC and that he had also noticed handcuffs. I explained him half in Vietnamese, half in English that these were toys and he said "OK", asked me to pick up up my notebook and I rushed with a steward across the safety checks that I had to pass again and managed to board in the aircraft. 

The aircraft lined up on runway 11, then vanished into the fog. As shadows came into the cockpit, the pilot initiated a turn to the left and headed to the destination. 

After landing, I was called by an airport employee who informed me that my baggage had stayed in HN, so I would need to come back after the next flight to pick it up. what I did. I just had my notebook and no cloth. 

Thanks God, Buddha, Allah or Uncle Hö (whatever god you like), I could get my baggage later. When I opened it and checked, I noticed that the handcuffs had been stolen. The safety agent probably conficated them without telling me. But I'm free. 

I want to apologize for boring posts. I hope to post more interesting stories in my next day's post. Maybe I will post it the day after tomorrow, since I will be riding a train for 11 hours till around midnight. I will tell you how a fake airline transport pilot brought be to be surrounded (again) by rats. :winking0023:



Photo shot with my old phone and phtoshopped by photoscape

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Its a shame things havent worked out so well for you so far on this trip, PG.

In years past I found it almost impossible to give the ferret a run in VN. Of course, I was old even then and the ladies were extremely picky. The only exercise the ferret got was with an extremely attractive taxi girl who had assisted me in getting a sozzled fellow traveller home to his digs beforehand. I suggested an interlude which she accepted to my great surprise. Went to a better type of hotel on Pham Ngu Laos? Road and spent the night with  her. Regrettably, I was unable to exercise the ferret due to beer overdose. In the morning wasnt much better but at least I managed to pop eventually. A shame really, but it only cost 500,000.00 dong plus the hotel.

At that time though, I hadnt been drawn to the allure of the dark side.

I've not yet returned to that country and unless things turn out much better in the balance of your trip report I'm not wasting my time.

Hope you have better luck from now on.


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11 hours ago, bubba said:

Its a shame things havent worked out so well for you so far on this trip, PG.

In years past I found it almost impossible to give the ferret a run in VN. Of course, I was old even then and the ladies were extremely picky. The only exercise the ferret got was with an extremely attractive taxi girl who had assisted me in getting a sozzled fellow traveller home to his digs beforehand. I suggested an interlude which she accepted to my great surprise. Went to a better type of hotel on Pham Ngu Laos? Road and spent the night with  her. Regrettably, I was unable to exercise the ferret due to beer overdose. In the morning wasnt much better but at least I managed to pop eventually. A shame really, but it only cost 500,000.00 dong plus the hotel.

At that time though, I hadnt been drawn to the allure of the dark side.

I've not yet returned to that country and unless things turn out much better in the balance of your trip report I'm not wasting my time.

Hope you have better luck from now on.



I chose to start with the most difficult city. I’m not satisfied of my failure but there must be a good reason to explain it. I believe it’s mix of several factors I hadn’t thought about. I didn’t want to think too much about it after I made the decision to leave HN but experience and distance will help. Please, just keep in mind that I remain optimistic for the rest of the adventure. 

I had felt excited since I had found a few ladyboys in North Vietnam recently. I am learning from my mistake. 

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I must admit that I deliberately muddled the story somewhat in my post dealing with day 4. If the aircraft had turned left after take off on Rwy 11, we would have headed towards China. It’s true that safety checks had been operated at as high standards as checks for international flights but I flew an A320 operated by Vietjet Air, I had already flown with 3 years ago. Safety checks were very casual at that time.  I had no PC in my baggage  at that time and perhaps I had left the handcuffs at home too.
Regarding the departure, the pilot in command probably turned right to follow a noise abatement  procedure then turned left once HN was behind us heading to Da Nang that was my actual destination.

I didn’t expect much from Da Nang this year. 4 years ago, as I was coming from HN, DN had been the city where I had found my first ladyboy of the trip. I had found her in TS-dating, had paid 2 million for fairly a quick shag without real passion. Since then, I located only one ladyboy in DN and have never managed to contact her. She had placed an add in a website and I had copied her contact data as well as her photos from a Vietnamese social media.  At that time we all had to stay at home because of Covid.
Meanwhile, I had read in a Vietnamese forum a post by a guy describing a freelancers area in Da Nang. I had asked him to confirm the Google maps position but mods had deleted my post for unknown reasons and the guy never replied my PM. His profile name meant “pilot”, but I discovered this year that girls in p4p use the Vietnamese word used for pilots to designate mongers or punters. My goal when going to DN was to confirm whether there was street action in this spot I had carefully memorized in my blog. If the weather would have been fine, I would then go for sight seeing since the area is full of great sightseeing sites.


Late on day 4 (after midnight, so that was day 5), I went to the spot and found nothing except but rats running from a thrash to another. End of the job. I went back to my hotel and posted at LBR and slept. 

After I woke up, I decided to send SMS to both phone numbers of the only DN ladyboy in my collection. Her name's Bling Bling or Ngoc Bling.  She replied in English that she lived in the same neighbourhood as my hotel, offered me a price of 800 (800K) but asked me to wait till the evening.

I also thought of the street action spot. The information said it started from  8 pm and I had been there at 1 pm. Regretfully, Bling Bling dated me at 830. I spent the rest of my day looking for a grocery store and going to the main station.




Ngoc Bling's photo set in my Vietnamese blog and my photo collection (#155)



Bling Bling arrived at 850. I had noticed in her last visible pics that she was becoming a bit fatty. I was surprised to see how tall she was, more than 6 feet. I also discovered she was a postie. I remember I had a doubt on this point but I don’t remember the details. She reminded me of Brazilian trannies with her huge ass. Her fake pussy was so well done that I had a doubt on whether she is a ladyboy or a girl. She’s an expert in preliminary sex, her BBBJ was excellent and she didn’t seem to be in a hurry. However, fucking a fake pussy ain’t really pleasant IMHO. She also had perfect big boops, all surgeries perfomed in BKK However, she’s not a specialist of social time, particularly after sex.
I asked her to shoot a pic but she steadily answered “No”. Moreover, something tickled my mind regarding her face. Although she didn't look like the fresh ladyboy in her photo set, except maybe the photo in the middle, she reminded me of someone else. I searched my data base (I added a copy of my blogger’s files in my notebook) and eventually found out that Bling was  Linh (or Ngoc Linh), a ladyboy I had found in 2019 about whom I believed she lived in HCMC and had vanished off the radar after she had announced she had become a postie. In Vietnamese, “Linh” must be pronouced “Ling” therefore her name changed to “Bling”.


When watching Bling’s and Linh’s pic, I understood that she used old pics in her social media as Bling and was already gaining weight before (at the time she called herself Linh.


Ngoc Linh's photo  in my Vietnamese blog and my photo collection (#24)


I then went to street action. If I wouldn't find ladyboys, at least,  I would shoot a pic of rats, just to complete the joke with Bubba a few days ago. I first saw a young femboy but she was busy talking to a guy on a motorbike. I then saw Bling Bling. We both ignored one another. Then I saw a couple more ladyboys. As forecasted, they all pretended to be girls. One of them raised her skirt to show me she had no cock. Too well proven to be true. I walked a little bit further and came back. 3 of them were gone with customers and the last one was talking to a motorbike driver. They all pretended to be girls.
I then walked around the block and noticed they came back after 10 minutes only except Bling. The last one I had talked to hide her face behind a mask. I’m convinced I saw her in my pic collection (and of course, she’s a ladyboy).


She looked like Thanh Thảo (#44) found in 2019)

I saw a 5th ladyboy coming. They all argued they were girls not ladyboys but the more they screamed, the more I could hear the difference between their voices and girls voices. Bling arrived 5 minutes later. She didn’t mix with her mates since she had told me she’s a ladyboy.
Before I left I tried to talk with the femboy. She was so well hung that I felt like banging her ass. I couldn’t really bargain. Her mate had discounted her price from one thousand  to 5, the to 4 then 3 (300 K). I had only a 500 bill in my wallet and couldn’t change it. The femboy asked me what price I was ready to pay and I asked her where we would go but got no answer I decided to go. The area was too dull and I feared to have problems.





Salute.png.19bb196e2e4be1c6bae0b94887095735.png  Mission accomplished. I met the only ladyboy registered in Đà Nẵng and confirmed the spot described by the Vietnamese monger is active. 

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Before leaving, Bling kindly gave me her friend Minh Thư's phone number. Minh Thu  was supposed to be a pre-op ladyboy. I messaged Minh Thư and she replied on the next day as I was riding in a train. We connected in the Vietnamese messenger to keep in touch. I used the opportunity to copy her pics, so I can add them to the photo collection and create a  file.







Nha Trang





The train arrived late in NT.  Amazingly,  it had not been delayed. We even departed on schedule time with the same precision as a European company.  Before Covid, trains used to be about one hour late. I walked to my hotel after getting rid of grab drivers and their scams.If you haven't heard of Nha Trang so far, this is an average size city with a large Vinpearl land offshore resort on an island of which name was changed to Vinpearl island. The above pics come from my 2018 trip report.  I shot them from the cable car riding over the sea to the island and back.

 Of course,  I had decided to visit the city since I knew I would find ladyboys.  I had found the information in a traveller's blog in 2015 and had kept records of it. (What's amazing is that I am unable to find the source of the information now, when using Google. This is a  detail but it shows why I can't find information on other cities now). I hadn't been to Nha Trang in 2016 since it was too far from the place where I was (I was visiting Cambodia  departing from BKK,  then pushed to the  Southwest of Vietnam. ).

In 2018,  I had landed in HN,  like this year had just found a GG in HN then had failed finding ladyboys till Đa Nắng.  But here's what I had found in 2018. 



A square garden near the beach road avenue looked like soi Buakhao in the evening.  You can read more details in my TRs.My serviced apartment was just one block away (less than 1,000) from the street action and night reception staff were ladyboy friendly.  I had been lucky only on the last point.  Everything else didn't come at random.
 In 2019, I  did it again.  I had been deceived by the best 2018 ladyboy who had become a lazy ass after she'd had SRS inbetween. She didn't like being fucked for too long a time.  I had also found Ly Ly. 
I had met a less than passable ladyboy a little bit further and had brought her back to my room. On the next day, I had received messages in my messenger to invite me and have sex in a hotel 2 km and half away from downtown.  I  realized that was the same ladyboy when she opened her room door.  As I went out of the hotel after a first shag,  I had seen a cute ladyboy downstairs. She had smiled at me and I went for a second shag. That was Ly Ly.  Then I had rushed to the train station to go to Hoi An. I came back 1 week or so later to meet Ly Ly  again and try to bargain a LT. However, not only Ly Ly's fairly uneducated but LT is not usual in VN.



So back to this year, on Sunday night,  after check-in at my hotel,  I went to the spot and found it empty.  Perhaps I  was too late but I doubted it. Just before midnight was the best time for ladyboys to hook up customers and I couldn’t see anybody.
I decided to come back on the next day.

 On the next day, in the afternoon, I went to the hotel where many ladyboys had their accommodations before covid. I saw nothing. I checked the hair salon close to the hotel where they used to go before going to their freelancing area. Everything was empty.

 I felt so disappointed for a reason. I know that Ly Ly is working as a night receptionist on an island not far from NT. I had sent her money early in 2020 when the first wave of covid hit Vietnam so that she could get a bus ticket and escape to her family in Can Tho, but she used the money and didn’t travel. She sometimes asked for help months later as she was unemployed in her family’s home. When the pandemic was over, she announced she had a job in NT. As I asked how we could meet after work, she just complained I hadn’t helped her and blocked me.
I contacted the other ladyboy (Nhi Trang) hoping for a new contact with Ly Ly. Nhi Trang replied as I was in the airport. She offered sex massage in another hotel half a mile away from the other one. She also told me she had no longer contacts with Ly Ly. 


I went back to the place of solicitation on the next night and found it empty again. I saw a lady (ladyboy ?) having a video call. I shot a photo just in case of, but she was probably waiting for a date with somebody she knew. (I had invested the price of an airline fair in a new camera on the first year of covid so that I would make photos more easily at night. Sad). BTW, I had already decided to quit the city.


Before departing, I made photos in the streets in the city. What surprised me the most was to see so many stores closed. NT is hit by an economic crisis in tourism. Hinese tourism started sky rocketing before covid and even a restaurant offered menus only in Chinese. NT was also the city where menus are translated in Russian before being translating in English. I saw far less Russian people than before. The night receptionist in my hotel told me only high-middle Russians were there. I also noticed ladies without men and teen age boys. I also asked a man in his 20s where he came from. He replied “Kirghizstan” but I don’t know what was true. It’s clear that covid followed by the zero covid Chinese policy and war sanctions against Russia impacted NT.


Restaurant menu in Chinese. English now comes right after Vietnamese



The "Moscow" restaurant used to be crowded. Only 4 tables were used on that evening



This other buffet restaurant used to be crowded. They closed at 9:30 PM
I felt like eating snake and/or crocodile meat. I went to the Moscow restaurant.



This shop was managed by Russian people. They valued Vietnamese food products
Closed again.




More closed shops and restaurant in the streets of Nha Trang



Just another detail : I noticed that streets were very clean as a city in Switzerland or Southern Germany. I had noticed the same in Da Nang and to a lesser extent in HN. 

I went out of NT disheartened. I fear something has changed in VN. I don’t want to draw conclusions too early because of Nha Trang but the country seems more prosperous and ladyboys keep a low profile.

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Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon


Don’t ask me what’s the difference between HCMC and Saigon. Many people still say Saigon. Yesterday, a lady, told me I should look for a shop in Saigon. I understood, the place where we were was not Saigon.
I found a very dynamic city, totally opposite to what I found in Nha Tang. The large road and building construction surrounded by palisades has now been over. They created long plaza in front of the city Council palace where people like to hang out. (Not far is the street with luxury shops such as Christian Dior or Louis Vuitton).
The district 1 malls are full of shops selling luxury products for the new rising middle class.









I arrived in the airport in the afternoon and went to my serviced apartment. Then I started contacting ladyboys. Since I have many contacts in my directory, I started sending “request for friend” in the Viet messenger but had no quick reply. I also contacted a ladyboy I felt like meeting and broke a new record.




I then went to Saigon and met a group of friendly ladyboys having dinner and chatting not far from the famous Bui Vien street. I was invited by Daisy. I met Lais, Quynh Phuong, Daisy and a few more ladyboys whom I don’t know but many were on the pic used in the frontpage of this sub forum.
 I spent most of my time chatting with Daisy (Huynh Dan before). She’s stopped working in the café where she had worked. Now, she joined her friends and they are trying to start over with modelling business.
I messed up the photo I shot. Then I made this one. 




Before leaving, I made the above photo with a ladyboy, Quynh Phuong and Daisy. This is the first time I meet Quynh Phuong. She’s a petite ladyboy with a feminine voice. She gave me the impression of being very mischievous and always funny, that's what the others confirmed to me. She always puts a good atmosphere where she goes. Her bar didn't reopen after the covid period and she joined this group of friends who are trying to get modeling jobs.





I then went to the famous Bui Vien street. In  Đỗ Quang Đẩu about 30 ft / 100 m away from Bui Vien Street, I noticed a ladyboy working in Kitty bar.




Then I saw a ladyboy sitting in front of GO2. Phiphi is not employed there. That was her position used to freelance. This beach had refused to “make friend” with me in the Vietnamese messenger.




I was then solicited by GGs.




I then tried to find informations of Bé Ni (or Bé Ny, above photo) a ladyboy I had helped onced during the Covid pandemics. I felt like contacting her since she had vanished from social media few months ago. I wanted to start again following her.  I had thought that was a good means to hook her up. They told me in her bar to go to Martini bar where I found her sitting in the front with girls. Girls were surprised that I go direct to her but she looked far better than GGs. She was exactly as I had figured out : not to small, thin, a bit shy. I wanted to contact her since she had vanished from social media few months ago. I wanted to start again following her. 


I shot this first pic as Bé Ny had something to do at the bar.
Before she turned back, a girl started screaming I was making a video and asked me to stop.
Bé Ni was scared and feared to lose her job. 

She welcomed me but explained she had no freedom to meet me out of the bar without risking being fired. Then she behaved as a bar girl, pushing me to drink and drinking till I empty my glass and order another one or she would stop entertaining me.


I then pushed to the Senorita bar to see Kate. Girls were sitting outside chatting. Kate is now the only ladyboy in the bar. I invited her for a drink. I found it funny, she’s the boss and she was the only lady having a drink in there while commissioned girls were witing outside. We spoke of the past, Uyên, Trinh Trinh, Moc Nhi ( her ladyboy sister) etc …




Before going back to my apartment, I went to the street where I had been "surrounded" by rats. This is also the street I suspect a few of KenW stories took place. The bar I had been to didn't re open after covid. 






Photos either from my phone or from social media. 

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Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon


I woke up in a bad mood. I felt worried about high prices offers. I felt nervous about what I see as failures in HN and NT and now, I can’t catch a fish successfully. I had contacts established with ladyboys, but many lost in messengers. I had also kept potential hookers without contact so that they don’t block me and discover me at a first contact today. I also had old contacts. Many didn’t reply or replied with what seems to be the new standard price : 2 million.


I had an idea in the morning. I contacted Nhii one of the first ladyboys I met in HCMC in 2018. Positive answer but she temporized. I also picked up a fresh add in a forum. The ladyboy said 400 K . But she is in D8 and my room in D3. Meanwhile, I need to solve problems and I also need to answer messages. I didn’t wake up early either.




Nhii usually tries to hide her ugly face, here’s a rare good photo of her.
Nhii also raised her price : 1 million vs 700 K in 2018 and 800 K in 2019. Hard luck. And I know her, the lower I pay, the faster she will complain her ass hurts.


As bargains with Nhii got frozen (as a matter of fact, she fell asleep) bargains started with the other one. 400 K was for 30 minutes but her price was 700 K for one hour. She had to go to my place since she shared her room with another ladyboy. She couldn’t come late to my place otherwise, transportations to her remote district would be expensive (Grab only). I asked her for a price for 3some with her friend. Answer : 700 K +700 K = 1.8 million (200 K each due special abilities). I thought I would go and meet Nhii in D10 first then go to D8, but I saw the end of the afternoon coming and nothing was concluded. I asked Nhii to cancel and rushed to D8 (by bus). It took me time when changing bus since I had no change and drivers or controllers wouldn’t accept my 500K bills. The ladyboy lived near a bus terminal. (She hadn’t told me). Then I started messing it up with Google maps. I saw an hotel and asked if she lives in the hotel – no answer, then she sent me a position share what made be walk around the hotel block. Once she confirmed she was in the hotel, she wanted me to wait – I don’t like that- and when I eventually found her at the reception, she asked me to pay for an extra of 200 K. Stop ! I felt manipulated. Maybe she was just improvising but I decided that would be a no go. I picked another bus and went to D1 to have a drink with Daisy. If you don’t know who is Daisy, this is Huynh Dan who changed her name. Here’s a pic of her 3 years ago. She has worked as a model since then.


Meanwhile, I kept on receiving prices in my messenger. I broke a new record at US$ 200.00. (I will post it tomorrow).







I then went to Bui Vien street and did my usual "audit" but found nothing remarkable. I shot of pic of Li Ly’s bar to send it to Daisy since she’d work there. I also shot a few pics of Bui Vien at night when bar tables almost block the traffic. Pedestrians and motorbike must stop   to cross opposing traffic. The atmosphere is a mix of walking street and soi LK metro but without hooker be it ladyboys or GGs.




I then went to Kiss bar since every ladyboy I queried told me that Mộc Nghi worked there. Mộc Nghi is Kate’s sister and she had worked both as a bar  girl and a model.



Although I had walked across the venue, I hadn’t seen the bar  since they changed their name to Lust bar. Half of the girls are ladyboys and I often saw the board behind the bar in photos.



I had never met Khaly, but she now looks like an old woman particularly because of the shape of her shoulders. She had messaged me several times since last summer to ask me to push to the bar and see her.



Regretfully, I saw Tú first. (Mộc Nghi was not working in the bar. Even her sister couldn’t tell me where to find her. She had just suggested Kiss bar that is 300 m / 1,000 ft away from her bar. I now remember that Mộc Nghi had posted a pic in her Timeline, in which I could see she’s freelancing near a bridge in the Northeast of TP HCMC. ).

I had a beer and offered Tú a lady’s drink before going back to my apartment.





Although my appartment is fairly far from D1  (It’s far from D1 but I chose it to go to D10, Phú Nhuận, Tân Bình and Gò Vấp rapidly),  I usually diverted to Lê Lợi and checked behing the block since I knew a few well hung ladyboys hang there at night around the Louis Vuitton shop. I hardly noticed 4 girls on their motorbikes. One of them started talking to me. I found her strange. She looked like Tina but 15 years younger. That was Tina and the 4 girls were ladyboys.


Below is my set of photos of Tina. She’s now a 35 years old post-op whose usual job consists to be a singer (not the kind who sings on TV but in wedding or local parties. I already met ladyboys with the same activity in HCMC).
Tina asked me for 1 million. I can confirm she’s a postie. She’s such a good expert in both oral sex and sex with her fake pussy that I was blown away. I even asked her if she was really a ladyboy and not a girl. I hadn’t had such deepthroats since Chinese Casas in Spain in the mid 2000’s. Her English is excellent and she’s curious and open minded. We listened to songs in Youtube and I showed her my secret blog. She seems interested in what I do about Vietnamese ladyboys.






Salute.png.26b3a3b6c83cb4df4ff755d3f94df005.png  Posties : 2 – Pre-op : 0

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11 hours ago, Pulci Gorgon said:

I hadn’t had such deepthroats since Chinese Casas in Spain in the mid 2000’s.


But if a VN expert like you is having difficulty getting ladyboys at the right price, it sounds like lots of work for a newbie.  I reckon the road less travelled is more of an adventure though.

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Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon


I woke up late again and decided to take it easy. I have to accept that something’s wrong in the directory I have created for myself first. During my trip before Covid, I had 51 or 52 ladyboys in the database and had met 10 of them. 80 % either hadn’t answered, had vanished from the radar or had asked for too high prices. I had estimated I needed 100 contacts to feel comfortable in a trip. 

In 2020, I had reached 100 contacts rapidly since many ladyboys started posting adds in the net during the pandemic. I used a website made with a Russian editor with many adds. It had been a goldmine. But ladyboys used to post the same add 10 to 20 times to make sure their adds would be seen. Regretfully, the website stopped accepting adds when it reached 80,000 adds and nothing else came. Meanwhile, 2 forums dealing with all kind of escorting, sex cam, or sex dating of both sex  developed. Ladyboys were only one section in a long list of subforums. In 2021, as I had more than 250 ladyboys in my database, something started changing. I started losing contacts in my Vietnamese messenger. For a few of them, I believed they had stopped using the messenger, but I still ignore all that happened.


On day 3 in HCMC, I had decided to take it easy and forget contacting ladyboys but I kept on sending messages as I would do at that time I was locked down at home but received no satisfactory answer. I went out to get a massage in a nearby massage shop that Tina had recommended in the night. 1.2 million for a full body massage. The lady argued they added a BJ for half of the massage. She added a discount. Not very clear and I don’t like to mix sex and massage. Little by little, I walked far from  my room and stopped into a restaurant I knew and that had been reviewed by Snoopdawg in his TR. Good to have excellent food once in a while.






Then I found a massage lady near the city hall, not this is my usual areas, but I was passing bywhen she found me. We decided for a Shiatsu massage. The lady made an excellent massage, but in the middle of the job, she started bargaining to add a sex massage and triple the price. Vietnamese people sometimes seem to be too eager at money. It’s a shame since people working in small cafés or restaurant give the change till the last 1,000 dong.


Meanwhile, I received messages from ladyboys. I won’t comment except one.

















This riff raff posted an add early this year proposing ST at 250 K in a remote district of HCMC. Given she’s not really sexy, I found the offer interesting and took it as a sign that prices were going down. Before departing, she posted an dd offering ST at 400 K. Meanwhile, she had moved twice. When I first contacted her, she asked me for a pic of my cock. What for ? She explained me she feared big cocks that hurt her ass. After arguing, she later offered me a ST at “1 million to 1.5 million”. I didn’t try  to understand why 1 million or why 1.5 million, but why suddenly so expensive ? “Because you’re a foreigner”. She probably told what other ladyboys wouldn’t dare tell me.



As I was in the restaurant, I contacted Đỗ Xuân Quỳnh to invite her for dinner. I remind that DXQ is not in p4p.


As she replied, I was already in a street restaurant with Daisy. Daisy had felt like going to another place 50 m away from her mates. I found her very nervous. I knew she had projects to go to Thailand but she told me that Miu had purchased airline tickets for next week and Daisy felt stressed. She didn’t tell me she would go for surgery but to meet Vietnamese ladyboys including Jessica. I fear she wants to change her breast, since she’s never satisfied with it, or worse get the final chop.



It took Đỗ Xuân Quỳnh a few hours to reply my message. I was already with Daisy. Whatever, DXQ were to join the group of models with whom Daisy had her dinner. She joined us soon. I had no time to ask her for a phto. She probably doesn't like it. She sat with Lais and another 2 ladyboys to chat of business. She's the queen, other models, including Lais kiss her ass. 






Quynh Phuong also joined the group. Here she comes with her motorbike driver. 




I then Went back to Lust bar and spent time with Tú. Tú is a sexy femboy with hormones and no silicone. I find her very sexy, far more sexy than on her photos. I tried to make her smile to get a good pic but there is something wrong with pics.

Tú explained me she works 7 days a week in the bar. She can’t go out without risking seriously to,be laid off. She may have 4 days off  every month and she already had her days off for November. This is harsh.





I looked for Tina and other ladyboys around her spot. All I found were pimps and the police. Pimps try to sell me meeting with “good massage ladies” and show photos from their phones. These people are really sticky. I used the same tactics as with Grab drivers, I made a photo of the lady pimp on her motorbike. The pimp went away but a guy she came to me and started the same game. Thanks Hô, he was not so strong so he couldn’t threaten me. I treated him the same way Grab drivers treat us and got rid of him.




Police officers told the crowd of youngsters to evacuate gardens and go back home. Street vendors hurried to close their shops and people probably over 18 stayed on the place. As I was going back home, I tried to shoot police officers (with my phone) while they were giving a ticket. It may sound harsh, but it’s time for them to do their job and moderate dangerous driving in the city.





Originally, I made this pic to show that in spite of Vietnam becoming richer now, you can still find people sleeping in the streets at night. I have no time to write a chapter dealing with economy, but the new Asian dragon has become like a European country. 


Next post : a bit more of my avatar  H51.jpg.eadab3d53b9ae8786054298eee4d5eb8.jpg

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Last day in  Ho Chi Minh City


I decided to break my routine again but not that much. Why not have a second contact with Nhii ? She’d always been there when I was a newby and in spite of her increased price, she’s not too greedy.

We met in the same area as in 2019 in D10 in the square I had described in a TR. She asked me to come earlier but came late as usual. We went to a ST hotel at the edge of the area that I had described.
Nhii is more laid back about her face. She doesn’t want to hide it so much. She had brand new boops when I met her for the last time before covid. I can tell you she remains so sexy with her thin body and her small cock. I wish I could have made a photo, but she’s restricting on the subject. She allowed me to make a few pics at the end of our session after I proposed her to use my new board to hide her face. Here’s the result.









Nghii didn’t want to make a photo of her full body with her legs. She now finds her ass ugly (what is not even true. Her looks looks great. She also insisted that we make photos in the bathroom. I don’t know why. As we were going out, she also wanted me to wear a mask although wearing a mask ain’t mandatory in VN.


I had also mentioned ST hotels in VN. They are easy to recognize since they also use the word “hotel” in English. Years ago, they called themselves “khách sạn” or “nhà nhi”, so foreigners didn’t know what it could mean. (I had posted the word “khách sạn”in PY before covid, it had made a few guys mad. They like to play experts with their “555” but wouldn’t understand that using the Vietnamese word meant something.)


Here's the room set with the special lighting.




This furniture is a special chair or sofa found in many ST hotels. We used it for the first time for a doggy style. It can also be used for SM or for photos.








I received a new contact (without asking) from Nguyễn Mỹ Trinh during the night. I had found her  2 months ago and she had told me directly she was a prostitute. Then she blocked my contact in the messenger one week before I departed. She had just  re-established the contact. I invited her to my apartment in the evening.

I started being lucky again. I made the right choice. It started raining outside and I could hear a thunderstorm as she arrived in the hẻm. As I first saw her, I wondered where I had seen her IRL before. Of course, she was the ladyboy working at Kitty bar (see above post). How small is the world. I found it strange that they let her go during working hours. She told me she had no problem to do it. So each bar their own rule.


Needless to spend too much time to review her. She offered a good companionship but no sex. Just a blowjob. This is too light for a ST paid at the new “HCM standard price” (1 million). I should have put her out when she’d asked for her money upfront.

If you go to HCMC, just remember : not a bad person but a bad review. That’s enough to blacklist her.






On the next day, I took a bus near in Phạm Ngũ Lão. The bus went straight to the end of the street then turned into Bui Vien street at 9AM. The street was empty and another bus could pass the first one. They were picking up people in the “backpackers area”. At some bars terrace, Vietnamese workers were having breakfast.




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In order to complete the response to the above criticism, yes, I had been too optimistic. I worked on my "tool" hoping it would be performant and even forgot its efficiency was around 20% in 2019. So I could easily spend a lot of time contacting either too expensive ladyboys or those who don't reply or vanished from the radar. 

Regarding prices, here's what I posted in the version of my TR saved in my personal website (and visible by any BM who asks to access the TRs. 


17 shags with 10 ladyboys for an average price of 635,000 VND. That was excellent. I had decided never to pay over 800,000 dongs. For this year, I had based my targets of the year on a similar target average. I couldn't reach it, that was normal to set up the limit to 1 million. I know it's not so interesting compared to THailand, but the VND increased by 22 % since 2019. I found it out after I purchased my airline ticket and got my visa. I'm not going to let stock exchanges decide for me. 

I had also met ladyboys asking for 2 million VND in 2019, but not so many as now. I start finding an explaination that can encompass many cities. My trip is not over. Today, after 6 shags with 5 ladyboys,  my average is 867,000 VND. I'm not going to stop mongering or rush to the airport to go back home because I underestimated prices this year (and this year only). This reminds me of the cab business in Georgia at nights at the end of the month. One couldn't get a good ratio paid mile/ total miles. We had to let the ratio decrease to try to make money, even if the result was a bit frustrating at the end of the night. 

I think I've been lucky enough so far not to accept being unlucky once in a while. Tomorrow, I will try to deal with a pretty ladyboy. 




I am also surprised, someone criticized that I often moved. I've done the same in Vietnam and Thailand for years. I just haven't changed my habits. 

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Thanks for the update, PG. I compliment you on your perseverance. I would've bailed out of Viet Nam much earlier.

Maybe its an subconscious attempt on their part to seek reparations for the more than a centurylong struggle to get their country's control into their own hands? <_<

You have an advantage over most of us, in that you are able to read and I assume able to speak the language.

Keep plugging away. I'll look forward to further instalments.


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6 hours ago, bubba said:

Thanks for the update, PG. I compliment you on your perseverance. I would've bailed out of Viet Nam much earlier.

Maybe its an subconscious attempt on their part to seek reparations for the more than a centurylong struggle to get their country's control into their own hands? 

You have an advantage over most of us, in that you are able to read and I assume able to speak the language.

Keep plugging away. I'll look forward to further instalments.


It's not the first time I come to Vietnam. I had bailed out fairly rapidly for my first trip in 2016. No one's a super hero. I don't think they have anything like this in their subconscious. Vietnamese people are more welcoming than Thai people, but ladyboys need money. When I started succeeding before covid, I thought that a light change in the wind is likely to change the whole scene or a whole trip. Covid, was more than a light change in the wind. 

I don't speak Vietnamese either. I have studied it as a hobby during the covid time. I can understand signs a little bit when I walk in the street or understand a little bit when using Google translate. That's all. You can't imagine the advantage saying people "hello" or "Good morning in their own language. 

I am still playing on quicksands. I have the feeling that I can mess it up in th ecity I reached today, just if I fart while sitting behind my notebook and sending messages. I aleady came to this city though (2018) but I had spent 2 million for an afternoon with a gurl who couldn't be fucked. I  had good results this weekend in another I didn't know. I can see the frontier zone between failure and success is very tiny. Here is my story. 


Mỹ Tho (Tiền Giang province)

I took the bus to the nearest province of the Mekong delta, My Tho. I didn’t know the city but expected to find a “small Can Tho” and this is what I found near the 9th branch of Mekong.. Here again, I had lost the contacts I had made with ladyboys before covid Thao and Ngoc Nguyên.








Nguyên Ngoc


It’s a shame since Thao had invited me to push to My Tho  on the last week during my trip before covid but I had preferred to stay in HCMC. I know for sure that many ladyboys go off my radar since the Vietnamese police set the pressure on the Vietnamese messenger/social network to censor accounts showing nudity in their timelines or proposing p4p dates. I had several phone numbers linked to accounts  of both Thao and Ngoc Nuyên but regretfully not the last update.
I had also added  Hà Thuong in 2021 and in 2022, 5 other ladyboys including one not very pretty and one living in the province without telling in which city she lives. I messaged 4 of them before leaving HCMC.



Hà Tuong



An My



Thanh Thanh


Hà Thuong replied lately. BTW, I gave the other 2 priority. The first one who replied was Han My. She played the game that I don’t like asking “how much do you want to pay ?”. I offered 600 K and she accepted 700. Thanh Thanh replied later and played the same kind of game to bargain. I offered her 500 K but she didn’t accept it and asked for 1 million. I decided to postpone my decision since I had to go to a ST hotel to meet An My.

An My asked me to book the room and she would come after me. I sent her a pic of the key and went to the room. She arrived a couple of minutes later. An My was 1” taller than I am and looked prettier than on her photos. She had problems with her schedule but I don’t know what’s her job. I asked her if she was modelling but she didn’t. She feared to talk too much about herself. She’s a real transgender, what The Sith calls a trap. She must have hormones since she has  beautiful boops but no silicone. And the best for me : a small  perfectly epilated cock. I topped her till I felt  tired then we dressed and had a short social time. I wanted to make a photo but she firmly answered NO.



An My didn't want any phto, this is all I could get from her.


She didn't realize I could get a whole phto set from her social media. She looks prettier IRL than in her photos. AM000.png.9a5bfae14264c2bd7a50fd2e3d3f631b.png


She’d asked me for no money upfront and I had to wait to pay her 700 K. She asked me to wait and went out. Before departing, she asked me to put a mask on my face.

BTW, wearing masks is no longer mandatory in Vietnam, but many people wear masks in transportations or when driving cars or motorbikes. As it happens, ladyboys recommend their customers to wear masks at the reception of ST hotels. As I arrived at the reception, An My was talking with the receptionist.

She went away as I was walking downstairs. I paid 90 K and went out.



On the second day, I visited the city but haven’t been to the islands on the Mekong river since the weather was rainy. I just had rest since I needed it.

I contacted Hà Thuong, Thanh Thanh and An My to ask each if she had free time in the afternoon. Han My answered first.

She had schedule problems but we met in the same place late in the evening. We started with a long social time in Vietnamese and started playing. Regretfully, An My was tired. I hushed up to cum on her body, then we had a long social time. She tried to explain me her worries, but even using Google dich, I didn’t get a shoot of what she meant. I didn’t ask her for a photo but she posted one in her timeline one hour later. I think she’s not aware that I can copy photos that she refuses to me.




I feel happy I had rest and I fell in lube.


I’m now in a sleeper bus riding between branches   of the Mekong river. Here’s what it looks like inside. We had a stop at a modern bus station looking like a small mall. Riding in a bus in the Mekong delta is fairly tiring, particularly when riding all the wau from Phu Quoc to HCMC but riding 2 or 3 hours a day is all right.









The bus had  a stop in a bus station. Here's what it looks like inside. These have been modernized. I will reach Can Tho within a couple of hours or so for new adventures. 


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Seems like your luck and perserverance is paying off at last. An My is certainly a looker, in my view. 

Her shoes suggest that she quite tall but without knowledge of your height its hard to judge.

Good luck with the balance of your trip.

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Seems like your luck and perserverance is paying off at last. An My is certainly a looker, in my view. 

Sorry, no it doesn't pay off at each time. I am embedded again in the quiksands of Mekong and feel frustrated again. In my previous trips, I would look for sightseeing our touristic experiences, but I had decided to focus on ladyboys this year. Moreover, it's rzining a heavy monson rain. 

I had learnt much in schools at university level, but I learnt this kind of perseverance when driving a taxi cab in mid Georgia. However, I have the feeling I was lucky on a small scene and unlucky where it could be better. I should have stayed in My Tho and looked for other ladyboys, but the one who wanted 1 Million didn't want to chat with me and the other was fairly ugly, so Can Tho was a good bet. 


Her shoes suggest that she quite tall but without knowledge of your height its hard to judge.

I'm a dwarf. ha ha ha. No, I see myself as an average size man, so if she's taller than I am, I see a gurl as tall, otherwise, she's normal or average. If I need to bend down to kiss her, she would be small.  I'm proud I found what's the perfect ladyboy for me even though sh's abit too tall. She's perfect for the look but communication was difficult. She was shy or didn't want to tell me too much about herself. Mongers are not used of Vietnamese ladyboys, but Vietnamese ladyboys are not used to white mongers or sometimes  even to mongers. 


Good luck with the balance of your trip.

My next city is/was Can Tho. It's one of the largest cities in Vietnam and it's in the center of the delta of Mekong. I must reckon I'm not being succesful, and I don't know why. Even when not in ladyboys, I noticed changes. I don't know if I will post about it. I should, but I don't want to deal too much with negative points. 

I'd like to add something regarding my mongering. Forums are supposed to be places designed to share experience and information. Regretfully, I have noticed since I was not at LBR that BMs  behave as in a bar : they log in, chat and log out but keep their information for themselves, prefer to show off or deal with off topic subjects. I stopped sharing all that I know (I think I already posted this point), but I also spend more time in searching the web than just chatting in a forum. During the covid crisis, I was annoyed and frustrated that BMs were not trying to build something positive for the future. They dealt with football, politics, China or posted information on ladyboys that everybody knows. When they dealt with vaccine and new possibilities to travel to ladyboys countries, information were more a litany of invocations than real news. I don't mean I didn't feel affected by measures taken by our governments to restrict our freedom, but I decided to do with them. I spent a lot of time looking for ladyboys in Vietnam. I spent tens or maybe hundreds of hours. When I find a gem like An My, I think it's a normal rewad for my work. What else could I have done except looking for infomation on ladyboys ? I'm convinced that our community would be stronger if more of us did the same. 

* * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *

Last night, Tina sent me a short video that I feel like sharing. (Tina is a postie.) So much is to be seen and commented in the video. Enjoy guys. 



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Cần Thơ


I had stayed in  Cần Thơ once in 2018 more than a year before covid. A couple of months before covid, I had started traveling to the North from HCMC, then went back to the Nha Trang and HCMC. After that, I hadn’t wanted to push further : fed up with being in a hurry or counting how many ladyboys a decision would bring me.


In 2018, I had looked for an address that was supposed to be a bar where ladyboys gathered at night. I found the address, the bar must have been closed years earlier and I just saw a shop in that place.

I then found Lkim after playing Wechat. She had riden her motorbike about 20 km to meet me in my hotel. Her price had been 2 million for 3 hours. It took me more than 2 to try to screw her ass and eventually realize that it wouldn't be possible. She had been nice, but impossible is impossible.



I had then  only one potential contact in Cần Thơ since 2019. Each time I read an add from this one, she would have changed her phone number. I then added a couple of girls. The first one could be either a new one or the one with unstable contact. The second one was a ladyboy living in HCMC before the covid and now moving to several cities, her hometown, Cần Thơ where she has  family members and Hanoi where she asked me for 2 million VND. I then added 2 gurls in 2021 and 11 in 2022. The town started being interesting. 

I found many hotels closed or refusing booking in my hotel app, but I found a good deal. I had genuinely believed that was a great deal (less than 20 $ a room with a bath tub). But when I checked in, I noticed the rules that I don’t like to find in Vietnam. Rule # 4 : prostitutes are not allowed entering the hotel.
Moreover, the room had a strange smell of moisture, so I would have to find a ST hotel instead. Since I paid a cheap price for my room, I would be in a position to increase prices for the ST room. 

 I contacted all the ladyboys in my list (15 ladyboys-  I have more than this, but 3 of them live or work in other cities, eg Hanoi).

2 replied rapidly. I explained the first one we would need to go to a ST hotel. She broke the contact. As a showman said once, I brought a Hiso girl to my hotel but I farted in the lobby and never saw her again. In my case with her, I hadn’t used the right word in Vietnamese for the ST hotel I meant "hotel", but she understood "guesthouse".


The second one broke in the same time. I believed they were connected. I understood later, she’s probably not in p4p and didn’t understand the purpose of my contact.



The 3rd one asked me to offer a price. 600 K, then she asked for 700 K. Deal. That was too late as we concluded the deal, so we decided to postpone to the next day. (Her name’s Beo).


The 4th one was a postie. She asked me how much I want to pay. 600 K. She stopped messaging. 


On the next day, I decided to get closer to Beo’s position. I went and picked up a bus, bus no bus came. I started walking slowly, then it started pouring cats and dogs.  Google maps also ignored that connections between lanes on the maps didn’t exist. At some point, I had to walk in water up to the calf. As I arrived close to her home, Beo sent me to a nearby hotel, that I never found. I sent her messages to ask for help, but I received no answer and decided to go back to my hotel.
Much later, I saw messages from Beo. She pretended she was looking for me. She had no credit to use date in her phone, so she used only with a Wifi. As I was about to reach the hotel,n she was still studying in the university (maybe). I gave her a second chance in the evening to come to a ST hotel near mine. She never came and gave me excuses for explainations again.
I decided I’d had too much stress so I would relax and forget ladyboys. I tried to restart contacting the ladyboy I said was not in p4p. I understood she was not in p4p at that time.

 I then visited a massage shop I had found excellent in 2018. Maybe the lady was stressed, but although she worked seriously, I didn’t relax. In the evening, I went to another massage parlour where they performed kinky massage. I didn’t remember if had had a hand jobin 2018, but I remembered the massage was well relaxing. This time, the girl looked like a jobless accountant trying to be sexy. She performed a shitty massage, then pushed me to pay for extra for a sex massage. Boring.

 I remember I had “empty times” in 2018. I used to go and look for trips or sightseeing. This year, I decided to focus on ladyboys. I will just relax when it becomes too tough. 






On my last day, I just got relaxed and looked for an hotel in my next city. Then, I contacted ladyboys over there.  



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