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  1. I would love to share a hint for going to massage shops. Any red light zone in BKK, the massage shops provide special offers. You can easily notice by how they approach you, they will wink at you calling you with sweet tone, that's it 100% that they are looking for money. when you get inside they will offer oil massage which is really reasonable price. This is your decision making that you want it or not, if it's so just go on. Awhile of massaging, they will come up to get you into the track, but most importantly, when they try to negotiate the price dont let them overcome you, you just act like you have gone through this situation for certain time. It may not appropriate to mention on it, but it's would save you cash for sure just tell you previous session didnt cost this much hehe. Give it a try and let's see :)
  2. I would say yes for lbs who are well known on the internet. Most of them work in bars or freelance in which they try to meet up with foreigners rather than local guy. Fortunately, I found several sources where local lbs posting their ads. These lbs are looking for local guys. Anyway, it depends I couldn't really tell that most of them don't go out with local. Would be great if nice lbs recommended hehe
  3. Yes, I am Thai but I just got back from UK almost two years. It's easy to communicate with lbs here or even identify their hidden purposes. However, I find it hard to catch up with those lbs as they mainly find Western men. Feel free to drop me any qs, I would love to share.
  4. Yeah, I let my friend contact those lbs who meet my interest. Surprisesingly, that the rate agreeded quite fair compared to what we have seen frol our forum there's a website www.msnladyboy.com which most of sidelines lbs are looking for customers. They are fresh, for instance, 1000-1500 is the average price for ST. However, many thinga are able to negotiate though because my friend did it. We did try something tricky, on thaifriendly. We proposed to same girl, of course, the girl offered lower price compared to my negotiation. It's a bit hard for me to clearly identify every single point. However, any questions would be welcome, I would pass to my friend what are things that non-thai should do to stay in the game. Thx for you interest mate!!. :)
  5. I have been in doubt for ages. What would it be if I let lb takes control of me. As my desire took over control me of, I decided to explore what I've wanted so far. I have heard many of our friends said once you let it be, you wouldnt try to find the way back to usual. I met I lb in BKK, not sure if it's appropriate to identify in-depth detail, she was damn sexy with stockings and heels on. We went back to my room having beer awhile. Undoubtedly, she knew what she's was supposed to be. She whispered "take it easy I was going to bring you to the new world" The world had completely brainwashed mine. She was very friendly and good manner, almost half an hour to get my lesson done. I would say " this has changed my desire, I was incredible and speechless. Feel free to share your experiences or comments. I'm not sure what would be my favourite position tough. Thanks you guys for loads of information on the forum, It was very helpful. )) ps. Fortunately, I have old friend in Bangkok. With a help of my friend I, eventually, found decent top lb in here. I don't know that some information are allowed to be shared or not. Anyway, please leave your comments. If it's not inappropriate, any interested ones cane leave message to me. We may have more sources for our lovely members. Thanks
  6. I have been feeling tempted to give it a try for so long. Have anyone had good experience with top lbs in BKK. I would love to hear that especially with stocking and high heels on :). Thank you in advance.
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