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  1. I would love to share a hint for going to massage shops. Any red light zone in BKK, the massage shops provide special offers. You can easily notice by how they approach you, they will wink at you calling you with sweet tone, that's it 100% that they are looking for money. when you get inside they will offer oil massage which is really reasonable price. This is your decision making that you want it or not, if it's so just go on. Awhile of massaging, they will come up to get you into the track, but most importantly, when they try to negotiate the price dont let them overcome you, you just act like you have gone through this situation for certain time. It may not appropriate to mention on it, but it's would save you cash for sure just tell you previous session didnt cost this much hehe. Give it a try and let's see :)
  2. I have been feeling tempted to give it a try for so long. Have anyone had good experience with top lbs in BKK. I would love to hear that especially with stocking and high heels on :). Thank you in advance.
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