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  1. I'm not sure if you need a local number or not. Google has a phone that starts at 200$. The plan is 20$/month. I like that the plan/phone works in 120 different countries. No swapping sim cards or filling up. https://fi.google.com/about/?u=0
  2. Mods can move this note to proper place. My trip consisted of visiting Philippines, Bali, Philippines, Bangkok and Vietnam. I was with friends who are not LB friendly. My one friend loves the GG bar girl scene. Philippines. I was brought around to all the various Redlight districts and ended up staying in Makati. I didn't get to chat up or meet any LB's as we were bouncing in/out of clubs/bars. I was only here for 7 days around Manila and I didn't run into any LB's Bali. I was solo here and stayed a month. I was in 3 areas of Bali. Kuta, Sanur and Uluwatu. Sanur has GG in compounds/houses marked with "XXX" into the address. Uluwatu is just a quiet surfing area. Kuta is the spot. I met a LB who had a car via Tinder. She was my guide for the last week. Ways to meet/find/ LB's in Bali. Craigslist, Tinder, Skout, Dateinasia, Badoo and FB. Also it seems like every salon/spa employs a LB. At night there are LB's in the clubs and hanging around outside of them on the streets. Bali also has a "gay" club street where you can catch drag shows. Next time I go I'm going to browse the spas/salons as I prefer a LB who has a job. Philippines #2. I went back and flew into Angeles city to meet up with 3 other buddies. After a few days in AC we headed to Montoloban for my buddies wedding. I met a LB friend at the Waterpark. I didn't have time to enjoy her company. I had an regular 10 days..... Philippines #3 trip. I flew in with 4 other guys. We stayed in manila for first day/night. Then onto AC for the rest of the week. While in AC I met a LB who worked in a salon. I've been noticing that spa's/salons employ LB's. AC was AC. Bangkok. The 5 of us flew in and met a 6th guy. Everyone by this time had cell phones so that allowed us to hunt online as well as venture out individually. I was using Skout and Tinder. I hooked up with a LB in her place of business as she gave massages that included all extras. One night late as the bars were closing I stumbled upon a place down and across from Nana Plaza. Kweng was a tall LB who had lots of energy.... Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City. After a week in Thailand my buddy and I went to Vietnam. We stayed near the back packer area by the park. My buddy loves the P4P scene. The massage places were the best bet if one is looking. The LB scene here is not walking around the streets. I used skout to meet Moon who took me to a ST hotel for 5$ of total fun. I hope this helps someone before your next trip.
  3. I had a Bali LB as my guide/sex companion. I met her via Tinder. Most of the girls on Tinder seem to be there for business purposes. I paid for her meals, gas, and partying 1 night. She seemed sweet until she started to ask for money after I left Bali. Tata is her name. From Padma area. I suggest to go to every Massage/salon and ask if they employ a ladyboy. Most do. I'd then ask that girl for her name and #. Why pay when you can get it for free.
  4. I know Bali has lots of Ladyboys. I'd stick to the ones who have jobs in massage, hotel and Salons. Beware of scams. Here is a link to Jakarta site. http://www.jakarta100bars.com/
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