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  1. I'd say I prefer shooters. Unfortunately I oozed. Depending on how many times I've cum a day. Lol
  2. Now that's funny and disgusting! Hahaha! I can't stop laughing!
  3. This shows how shallow your mind is. Sorry I had to say. Not all LBs are working girls. Even if they are, I have a question for you. Why the heck are you even in here if you don't like em from head to toe? ~just saying
  4. Yes we have won the case. However I didn't think that we had to plead for our own god given right to be whoever we wanted to be. Rumor has it, some religious bigots has appealed to the court to have the trans constitutional right withdrawn.
  5. Haha! I couldn't say much about this matter. I've never been abused by boyfriends or what not. From what I can see, physical abuse are usually started when there's no communication skills. People can be very mean when arguing with their spouses/partners. I think there are many different words we can use to express anger. "F" words is so unnecessary nor do physical abuse!
  6. Clearly you all love having to cum on our faces. Now that she had cum all over her face its a turn off?? Are you kidding???
  7. mj0000

    Sex Talk

    Lung! That was the sweetest reply I had so far! I am moving on. That guy is no longer in the running lol! Anyways, I am terribly sorry for not replying sooner. I was kinda busy with lots of work and travel. Maria xoxo
  8. I wonder why did you say that it was scary?
  9. mj0000

    Sex Talk

    Lol! Torurot, I am speaking of the excessive sex talks. They can tell me one time and I get it. No repeating necessary. If they have to constantly repeat, it is either they have a severe memory loss or they're just an annoying prick. Lol!
  10. mj0000

    Sex Talk

    OMG! You are soooo right! All this time I thought I was cold about it. Never have i thought that he was selfish. It has always been like "I have high sex drive". "I like to kiss in the morning". Etc etc.. But never about what I like.
  11. mj0000

    Sex Talk

    They're not far from me. Definitely not online. Another thing that turns me off is that these men tells me that they love hearing me talk because it helps them to get hard. Now that's just creepy man!
  12. mj0000

    Sex Talk

    So true! Instead of talking about it, just s*** me already! Lololol!
  13. It is fairly important to be able to discuss about sex with your partner or maybe the future ones. I personally thinks that it is very important to talk about this. But I don't like is, talking about the same things over and over. There are many other issues to talk about other than sex. I chose not to limit myself to one particular issue. Don't these men have other interests? Don't get me wrong, I do love sex. A lot! But talking about just annoy the F out of me!
  14. About the towers. The feeling is mutual I would say!
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