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    Hi guys do you know this beauty with the name Dydy Polite?
  2. dimitri11

    Bars Closed

    I was just informed that Martini and Sharky's were closed.The land that Martini was is going to be rebuilt. Also according to my info the sorya golden mall street 51 is going to be demolished in order to build a new shopping mall. Can anybody confirm those?
  3. Block M in Jakarta, but use caution in your moving around there at night and nothing in Yokgayarta as for Bali the above covers you!
  4. Some pics from the Russian Market Note that streets are not paved as it was about 80% of them like that at this time
  5. some pics from pp 10 years ago
  6. To help you decide for Greece: http://www.buzzfeed.com/alexbesant/49-reasons-to-love-greece-jugk
  7. Why a specific Greek island like Rhode when there are so many other islands in Greece!
  8. dimitri11


    Guys I am visiting Asia the last 30 years and have seen and done many strange and weird shit, but this was my first time that I was really threatened. Been always carefull and allert, thus the wrong htl mentioned to her, I cannot think for any scam since the lady was loaded, I saw the money but recalling some things now all the staff working there and mostly the bartenders knew her. Anyway another tale of se Asia as bumblemee said!
  9. dimitri11


    I am not sure that anybody is going to believe that but I have to say it somewhere, and as they say it is easierr to speak to strangers. 4 weeks ago Friday night me and my buddy who lives ni PP decide to go to Pontoon. We sit at the bar, right corner as you face it and started a serious Jack Daniels drinking (doubles), at around 2 o clock and having 3 doubles each I spot a nicelly dressed lady behind my buddy exactly on the corner with a beer bottle asking the bartender for a bottle of water and searching her purce for a 1 dollar bill to pay, since I had many 1 $ in my pocket due to changes I just gave it to the bartender. The lady looks at me and I change positions with my buddy so I can talk to her. Started talking, she says that she is from Thailand and she is a little drunk trying to overcome the seperation from her husband, she has 2 kids and her husband who is European and owner of 2 clubs in PP was fooling around with other women that,s why they broke up. And then she mentions that he has promised to shoot her if she will go with another man. In the meantime she has bought me 3 more Jacks, and opening her wallet to pay I noticed at least 15-20 100$ bills and some 20 smaller $ bills inside. At around 3 my buddy says goodnight and leaves so the lady asks me to move to the lounch in order to be able to talk better, I have already given her my Cambodian phone No and told her that I was staying in Cambodiana htl, just a precaution as I was staying at Lux Riverside. So now we move to the lounch where she suddenly goes to her knees and desapears inside the club, my phone rings and she is calling asking me to meet her outside by her car a white BMW X5, I go outside find the car and while waiting there came 2 local guys telling me to stop bothering the lady that was married and showing me pistols in their belts. They call a tuk tuk and tell him to take me to Cambodiana and leave me there. I had to take another tuk tuk from there to go to my htl and all the time I was receiving SMS from the lady asking me where I am and that she is at Cambodiana looking for me. Never answered the messages and I was scared shittless with the whole incident. And now I am still wondering what the fuck happened!
  10. dimitri11

    Kampot Hotel

    do not remember the name but it is the only club in Kampot, just cross the new bridge and it is on your left. There are some girls outside waiting to take them with you inside to "help" you with the drinks and they are more than willing to come with you, an average of 20$ is enough.
  11. pdogg I mean the LUX RIVERSIDE htl, OK rooms for 50$/night but the customers were shouting at their return from the bars at 3.00 like they were alone PLUS the building next to it was under reconstruction and the workers started at 8.30 and stopped at 5.30. Found a deal at Cambodiana for 73$ and stayed there for the remaining time.
  12. No I didn't bother to go inside both times since the person I was looking for wasn't there
  13. went there 2 nights on the row 3 weeks ago but she wasnt there damn!!
  14. it is 10$ for a taxi and 7$ for a tuk tuk, choose tuk tuk since it can move easily through trafic. do you stay at the lux riverside htl?
  15. dimitri11

    Kampot Hotel

    i stayed for 4 nights at natural bungalows 2 weeks ago at 40 $/ night, higly recomended. at a club on the other side of the river one night it was full of lbs, next night only girls. but not much to see and do at kampot, good for 3-4 nights no more.
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